Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am alive...

Been a bad blogger for those that actually read my posts...sorry.

M and J are starting to pull some more terrible-twoish stunts, so I spend a lot of my free time watching them like a hawk and cleaning up the messes created after I've turned my back;> They have discovered that mommy gets up pretty early, so they figure they don't need to sleep until 730-745. They get up at 630-645 instead so they can destroy my bedroom or pull their dishes out of the cabinets or find pens in the kitchen drawer to write on anything but paper...while I take a shower. Since it is morning, I do not get up any earlier than I absolutely must in order to appear to be on time for work, so I obviously do not have time to clean up any of this before we leave, which means it doesn't get taken care of until after they go to bed most nights. I am so happy that I don't have to work on Monday and daycare is still open because I will finally get to clean. I will steam-clean all the rooms and clean the bathtubs and fold all the loads of clothes (and put them away;>) and finally pick up the toys they have strewn across every inch of their bedroom instead of taking naps on the weekend...I've never looked forward to a day full of cleaning so much in my life;>

But, despite all of that, as you can see, they are still my sweet little angels...
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So, last weekend was the circus. This circus had such minimal advertising, other than some free kids' tickets at my daycare and Walmart that I saw, that there were no protesters. There were plenty of PETA protesters at the Ringling Bros. circus a couple months ago. It was decent enough, but like I told NS, I just don't think circuses are done like they used to be. It was mostly fun, though. There were tigers and three rings of entertainment, although not used simultaneously. The ringmaster clown dragged my stepdad into the center ring to make a fool of himself, which was quite amusing, although J was more than a little unhappy about the clown taking his granddaddy away, but stepdad got a red clown nose out of the embarassment, which J loved and wore for the remainder of the circus. M got sick during intermission and puked all over me...not a bit on himself, all on me, but he took some baby wipes and napkins to try to help clean me up (just about made me cry...such sweetness). Luckily, my mom had brought a sweatshirt jacket with her, so I didn't have to sit in totally smelly clothes for the next 45 minutes...she couldn't help me with the pants, though:x The "wheel of death" seemed like it would at any moment literally become one since the two guys were losing balance and not keeping pace with each other frequently. The elephants were awesome, probably my favorite part, actually, even though I made such a fuss about having to have other animals, like tigers, too;> It was rather funny when they did a squatting pose on their little stands, and one must have been desperately waiting for a break to poop because that little maneuver let it all out. Definitely a good thing that their act was the last one since that was the most pungent poop I have ever had the misfortune of exposing my senses to. One woman even ran out holding her nose;> But, as I said, circuses don't seem to hold the same magic I remember. I have memories of dark, mysterious circuses with a menagerie of animals, like elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys (still pretty disappointed about the lack of monkeys...easy to train and incredibly entertaining), and even bears sometimes, with people oohing and aahing throughout the show as well as laughing at the silly clowns. I wondered if this might just be a result of age, but I don't really think so because while there may have been some gasps as the "wheel of death" guys seemed to barely finish their routine without injury, I don't remember hearing much amazement about anything at this circus, or the last one for that matter, from anyone, children included; most of what I heard was laughter, and that is fine, but it isn't what I have memories of and isn't why I've wanted to go back to a circus for so many years. I don't foresee the circus being a regular thing for me and my boys considering the cost and how easily they could be just as entertained otherwise.

I have applied for admission to Capella University to get a BS in Network Technology. While the tuition is unbelievably expensive, this was the only school I found that had the specific program I was looking for available fully online, and the starting salary for positions in that field is more than the full cost of tuition, so at least I should be able to get a return on my investment;> It isn't a picky school, so I have no reason to fear I will not be accepted; it's just a matter of getting through the process before I am officially enrolled and able to start taking classes. I will start with just one course to see how much time it takes me each night, and then, hopefully, I will find I can finish two at a time thereafter.

Well, that is the latest as far as I can remember...besides the fact that I finished reading The Da Vinci Code and am very much so looking forward to NS's return from sea so we can see the movie;>


GA girl said...

take off the verification,. and you'll get WAY more comments. Pungent poop, HA! I start on June 26th. When would your classes start? I am thinking about just taking one class this semester too. More later.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm not sure yet when I'll be able to start classes. I know they have some beginning June 5th, but I don't think I'll be able to make that deadline, and I haven't checked to see when the next set starts.