Sunday, May 07, 2006

Children's Festival at the park...

Yesterday, the boys, NS, and I went to the local park for the Children's Festival...basically just a bunch of activities for kids and some informational stuff for the parents. One of the things they had was face-painting;> This was M and J's first experience with having people paint on their faces, and they handled it really well. They sat and waited for the painting to finish and then couldn't care less about what had happened to their faces...translation, the works of art didn't last long without getting smudged and smeared;>

M became a monkey (as if he doesn't act enough like one jumping all over the place)
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J became a bumblebee (pretty much because he simply repeated "be" when I asked him what he wanted to "be")
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It was pretty fun, although I was kind of disappointed that the only playground facility was for older children, but the boys had a great time venturing through the mini obstacle course.

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