Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Whether you care or not...

I don't think I still have all those doubts I once had. Since I went through that little breakdown, more variety has been introduced, and I must say that "doggie" is no longer my favorite position;>

"Sweet sex" may not really be the best description. Don't get me wrong, it is sweet, as is NS, but it definitely isn't lacking passion, so "sweet" probably isn't the most accurate adjective. To be honest, no man has every taken care of me so well (he even tucks me in before he leaves for home to get ready for work in the morning), and our intimate moments are exactly that...intimate. I think that is why it feels so different...and so good. While I've always intensely enjoyed sex, I can admit that I have never felt as though my needs have been put above, or even been considered as equally important to, any man's...until now. NS takes the time to make sure that I'm satisfied without ever acting put-out or like he's doing some huge favor for me.

Whether or not anyone wanted to get an update on my feelings about my sex life, I couldn't let that previous post about it stand as the final word.

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Eunice said...

I think that as women, we tend to forget that we have needs too, and that there are men that are willing to take care of them for us.

Glad that you found one of the rare ones.