Saturday, April 08, 2006

What is the world coming to?

I really have an issue with people that cannot see the need to take responsibility for themselves. I spent at least an hour this evening reading this post on waiterrant about a young, pretty waitress's experience with a table of 40-something men that don't know when they shouldn't be flirting with a 20-something woman. Part of what took me so long was reading the 250+ comments, and this is where I get to the point of "what is the world coming to?". There were several commenters that felt the situation amounted to serious sexual harrassment and that Waiter should have done something more than just give her a suggested comeback since he was her superior.

I can't help but wonder how the hell people began to think like this. Since when is it up to someone else to stand up for how you feel?!? If I, as a woman sometimes known as attractive and even been called hot and beautiful and often cute, don't like your comments to me, then I will take it upon myself to let you know in some way. I was a waitress for a brief time, but it isn't just waitressing...I am pretty certain it was mostly not when waitressing when I encountered the unwanted flirting such as this waitress experienced that night. You either learn to deal with it because being young and attractive has undoubtedly worked to your advantage more times than you're able to comprehend or you crawl into a hole and hope humans disappear and the world gets taken over by thoughtless robots. Whether she simply requests they stop the behavior in a no-nonsense manner or starts developing her witty and/or sassy comebacks, she is going to feel better about herself in the long-run having learned to deal with these uncomfortable situations rather than feeling like someone else needs to come to her rescue.

Perhaps I am less offended by the idea of being objectified since it began for me while I was still a child (although I suppose I am much more in the school of thought of "stop being so sensitive about every little thing, it really isn't personal" than PC), but I feel sorry for the women that are so easily offended by these stupid, harmless remarks from men. I sincerely hope that more people feel like I do than not because I just cannot understand the thought process of someone that would even consider suing a restaurant because they wouldn't make a customer that was flirting with a waitress leave when she didn't have the guts to do something about it herself to begin with. I agree that women shouldn't have to put up with crap while simply trying to do their jobs, but if you don't like how you're being treated, you need to attempt to resolve the situation yourself before even thinking that your boss should handle it for you.

If you don't read the post from Waiter or all the comments, much of this post may not make sense, but please do not read this believing that the waitress wants to sue the bistro where Waiter works...that absurdity was brought up in the comments.

I must also applaud whoever it was that made the comment over there about men not necessarily knowing when they shouldn't be flirting. There are 20-something women that date 40-something isn't unheard of, people. The men at this table could very well have thought they had a shot with the waitress since at the very least, they were less-than-poor. How is a guy to know if he has a shot with a woman unless he takes a shot? I also can't help but think this waitress wouldn't have been so uncomfortable or offended had the men been younger and more appealing to her.

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GA girl said...

Considering I'm one of the 20somethings dating a 40something, I'd say yes older men do have a shot. Did not read the waiter post, but I'd say, get over it. Flirting is natural, if you don't like it, tell them to kiss off and kiss your tip good bye as well.