Friday, April 14, 2006

Kind strangers still exist...

I really wanted mall pizza for dinner tonight, but I wanted a whole pizza to eat at home. So, I picked up the boys from school and headed to the mall. I could not believe how crowded the place was over 80 outside and beautiful, not a good time to be at the mall, in my opinion. I finally find a parking space clear across the parking lot from the entrance I'm planning to use. The boys and I hold hands and make it there...eventually;>

I order the pizza and the garlic rolls and am surprised that I have all my food in about 5 minutes...I was expecting at least 10 minutes since I ordered a whole pizza, but since it was a cheese pizza, I guess they churn those pretty fast around dinner. M and J are very well behaved and don't attempt to take off or anything. Now, we try to make it out with them holding onto one of my hands and my carrying the food and my purse in the other.

We are chugging along slowly but surely when a woman comes up behind me to offer assistance. She suggests carrying the food while I take the boys. We all go to the car and I can get everyone in and settled and then take the food from her. I wasn't struggling at all, but this was such a refreshing act of kindness; she made my day.

There have been many times, usually at the grocery store, when it seems like someone would have offered a helping hand because I know I must have appeared to have my hands full and be struggling, but it has never happened until today.

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GA girl said...

Yeah for nice people!