Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

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I wish everyone a wonderful day today. I know I have been feeling especially blessed lately, and I hope the same for everyone else.

The Easter Bunny brought M and J the great Color Wonder markers so that they really won't be able to ruin the apartment walls more than they already have...yeah, right, washable;> They also got a set of Finding Nemo dishes: a plate, bowl, fork, and spoon. They like Nemo almost as much as they like graham crackers.

Image hosting by Photobucket Goal for today: Have a silly, fun time;>


kuya 180 said...

I just bought my little one crayola washable crayons.
She went all graffiti-crazy on the walls.
Good times...

Skyqueen said...

Happy Easter!! Sounds like fun, I'm all down for art supplies!!

Mark it up, that's my motts