Thursday, April 20, 2006

Damn it...

This morning began with my somehow taking 10 minutes to leave the apartment from the time I was actually ready to walk out the door until I get M and J in the car, which, of course, resulted in my arriving about 5 minutes late to a TIME MANAGEMENT seminar. Perfectly appropriate, right? Gotta show 'em how much I need to be in the class;>

After the seminar ends, I head to Wally World to get diapers and figure I'll get a pedicure as well since they usually do a good job for a reasonable price...and I neglected to paint my toes last night and wanted to wear open-toe shoes tonight. I was one-car length from the turning lane into Wally World when the cars in front of me stop suddenly. I was paying enough attention (despite attempting to compose and send a text message) to keep my vehicle from slamming the one in front of me...unfortunately the guy behind me can't say the same thing.

I hurt. My neck and back scream with pain as it happens. My sunglasses fly forward from my face; my upper body lurches forward and is snapped backwards by the seatbelt. I was rather surprised that the airbag didn't felt that bad at the moment.

I get out of my car and walk behind it, not hurting at all like I did at the time of the crash, but somehow knowing it will all come back tomorrow morning. The guy who rear-ended me starts to look at the back of my car with me. We agree that there seems to be very little (maybe just some scratches in my rubbery plastic bumper), if any, damage to my vehicle, although his little truck is a bit smashed and broken with a seemingly leaky radiator now. We exchange numbers and leave it at that.

I had just switched insurance carriers two days ago, so I was feeling relieved not to have to file a claim so early with my brand new policy.

What's the best part of all this? Oh yes, it does get better;>

NS and I went to a food-tasting event tonight. It was good. A lot of great, good, and decent food, free beer and wine, a rose, swing music in the background...well worth the $60 (for both of us) charitable contribution, in my opinion. As we get to my car to leave, I decide to point out that minor bumper damage I got this afternoon. He agrees with the damaged spots I point out but then says that the actual damage to my vehicle above the bumper seems worse. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I completely missed the real damage I incurred during this afternoon's crash.

Now, as my neck is starting to throb with pain, and my back is starting to ache as it twists into knots, I have to wonder if the number on the card this guy gave me is even legit and if he'll even answer or return my call...not to mention whether or not he actually has insurance. For someone that is generally very detail-oriented and observant, I was completely oblivious this afternoon when I needed those traits...damn it!

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KUYA 180 said...

Same thing happened to me a few years back. We exchanged numbers and at the time I thought nothing of it till I drove off and started to wonder if the number he gave me was legit. Young guy too so I was kinda worried. Luckily it was...
Hope you get better soon...
And free wine is always a bonus!