Saturday, March 25, 2006

Working, using phone once again, not pregnant, and whatever else has been going on...

I began my new job on Monday. So far, so good. The people seem really great and the atmosphere and attitude is very similar to my last position, which was wonderful...low stress and independent. I'm still limited on some things since I can't access certain systems and folders yet, so it will still take some more time for me to really get into things around there. I did find out that we only get paid once a month...not so terrible, right? Well, pay day is the 26th of each month, and since I just started on the 20th, I didn't make the cut-off for this month...I'm not going to see a paycheck until April 26th!

But...good news is that the sales contract on my FL house is due to close on Monday, so I will have that little nest egg pretty soon, so waiting another month to get a paycheck won't be completely awful.

I am no longer living with any parental units. As of last night, my mom and her husband are living together again. I think the separation made him realize that he wasn't paying enough attention, and as sad as it may be, the craziness that he exhibited after her departure made her realize that he does care about her and love her...he just wasn't demonstrating it the way she needed him to.

NS didn't get off his boat on Monday as we'd thought he would...he didn't get back until the original day they told him, which was Thursday. So, Thursday night, I was reunited with my phone.

Some things that make him so sweet:

Before he had to leave last time, he sent me a text message about being disappointed he couldn't see the boys again before he had to go. He had seen them the day before, taken us to dinner and even hung out until they went to bed before he drove his friend back home, but he was still disappointed about not being able to see them again before he went away for a week or so. The boys' actual father didn't even bother to see them or say goodbye before he moved to another state.

And last night he washed dinner dishes for me, cleaned the table and thoroughly cleaned the placemats, changed M for bed (diaper and clothes), and even went in to calm them down while I was on the phone with my mom-out-law (ex MIL)...then he spent a solid 30-45 minutes massaging my feet. For IFKAMH to have done all those things without my having to ask for a single one of them would probably have made me wonder what alien had taken over his body. Not that IFKAMH was completely unhelpful, but for him to have stepped in and taken care of that amount of stuff that has to be done each night without being asked was not something I ever recall him doing. So, NS earned some major brownie points with me last night;>

I did start my period right on schedule last week, so no new additions to my family...whew;> No more skipping any months of birth control regardless of whether or not someone is supposed to be in town the whole month or not.

And I can't let this one go without saying something...just can't, too silly of a comment for anyone who might not be checking posts back that far. Regarding the Nepharious Two comment: Yep, you've got me all figured out...I spent an entire day tracking down some place to spend $42 on emergency birth control because I'm trying to get "knocked up". By the way, I of all people know that having a child with someone sure as hell doesn't "trap" them into sticking around...have you not read anything on this blog about IFKAMH?!?

Finally, I have found my camera! Foot Fetish posts will resume shortly, and to The Big Cheese, as well as anyone else that might have wondered: I started that blog because of a shoe post on this blog a while back that generated more comments than any of my other posts had at that time...I really do love shoes, and I figured some other people might enjoy seeing my collection.


The Big Cheese said...

Women and their shoes. Personally, I wonder about the foot fetish fellas...I always had a fetish for part a little higher up.

Jonathan said...

I love the fact that your other half looks out for the kids so much.

My brother is staying with us at the moment (due to his job moving), and it's shocked us that he doesn't call his wife and 8 year old son every night... we thought everybody did that when they are away ? (especially if there is a phone sat right there!)