Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lessons learned yesterday...

* When going to the "free" clinic for emergency contraception, don't mention the fact that you have insurance...stick with the "no income" claim and ask how to prove it
* It is more financially sound to just take the regular pills in the first place, doubling up if necessary, than to have to pay for the Plan B pills
* Try harder to calcuate the date of your last cycle prior to letting intercourse without a condom begin

Apparently, NS has decided that we no longer need to use condoms. I was not consulted or even warned about this before it happened, but I was comfortable enough with the idea to not stop it. However, I didn't realize at the time (damn hard to think at that particular moment of dates and such) that it had actually been closer to two weeks than one since my last period, which means that my not taking the pills this month could definitely be a problem. Now, the reason I decided not to take my pills this month was because the prescription got filled a couple days after I was supposed to have it, and NS was supposed to be going to sea for about 6 weeks, so, since we've always used condoms, I opted to save my $40/month pills for next month. Well, as it turns out, NS won't be gone for 6 weeks, he's gone this week and possibly next, but he will even be here this weekend, and since the Plan B emergency contraception pills I had to track down yesterday after freaking out on Monday after realizing that it was damn near time for ovulation (and well, it didn't take much for me to get pregnant with twins the first time, so I figured it was best to do what I could to not get pregnant now) were $42, it would definitely have been better for me to have just take the couple days of double dosage to catch up and have actually been on birth control this month. Oh, that $42 was on top of the $12 I spent on 7 ovulation tests (the smallest package they had) to see if it would tell me if the chances for my getting pregnant were as realistic as I was thinking. That, by the way, was a waste of my money because those tests can only tell if you are about to ovulate in the next 24-72 hours, so if I'd already ovulated (very, very likely), then the test would still have been negative (as it was), but I could still quite possibly get pregnant that month. After taking the emergency contraception pills yesterday, my chances of getting pregnant this month have been reduced from 8% to about 1%, which is still not impossible...afterall, that was about the chances that I would have twins, too, but I'll try to have faith that I can't beat the odds all the time;>


Eunice said...

Well, I am glad to hear that you're not like me and completely forget when your last cycle was (even though I am highly irregular, so I never keep track) and not think about it until a few months later. Here's hoping for no surprises. :)

Anonymous said...

You. Are. An. Idiot.


NefariousTwo said...

Oh my god. You of all people shouldn't be having TOTALLY unprotected sex.


That's so fucking irresponsible. Are you trying to get yourself knocked up so you can trap NS into sticking around?