Friday, March 17, 2006

I can't believe I did that...

NS found out Monday, after not getting into the class that he waited all morning to get into, that he was going back out to sea with his boat on Tuesday. He basically got really screwed over on Monday after getting really used to the idea of having an easy couple weeks ahead of him without having to be on his boat. Anyway, so I went out to see him Monday night while he got ready to leave since he had unpacked and cleaned everything that he had with him the first time after he was told he wouldn't be going back out again. He left at 5:15 in the morning on Tuesday (or somewhere around there) and let me sleep, which I did...until 6:30 so that I would be home for my boys when they woke up. So, I leave his house and lock up behind me because both of his roommates are out at sea and no one will be there for the next 6 days. Well, the problem is that I used my phone as my alarm clock and left it there instead of sticking it back in my purse before I left. Now, I have no phone. I don't know people's phone numbers to call them and tell them this. I used email to let some people know, especially my realtor since the inspection was done on my house Wednesday...the same day that I would try to break in to his house and retrieve my phone;> I researched picking locks online that morning and gave it a shot...unsuccessfully.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and there were all kinds of cars and people in his neighborhood; I thought someone might call the cops on me if I tried for too long. I attempted to pick the lock of the back door with a safety pin and a screwdriver (as read on someone's website) but had no luck (or course, this process is not supposed to be that easy the first time around...I wasn't going to spend an hour or two trying to pick this lock knowing that the neighbors were around, though), and so I examined the windows to see if there was one that looked unlocked. There were a couple that seemed to be unlocked, so I tried to get in. One had a very stubborn screen that would not move up no matter how hard I tried, and the other, the one that I managed to lift the screen far enough up for me to slip into the house, turned out to actually be a locked window;> I decided against breaking a window since that would surely alert the neighbors' suspicions to the fullest, and I really can't afford to replace a window right now, so I will have to make do until Monday when he gets back.

I still had to figure out how to get in contact with him to let him know that my phone was still at his house, though, because by Monday (in fact, by yesterday) my battery would be dead, so calling my phone wouldn't work. Sadly, I had no idea what his phone number was other than the area code. Who can waste precious memory space on phone numbers when they just get saved into my phone?!? I realized, however, that I have called him and received calls from him quite often, so the number would be on my phone bill;> I looked up the number and called him to leave him a voicemail last night. I also used his carrier's website to send him a text message. Hopefully, he'll check those soon after he gets back, and I'll be able to return to normal communication.

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Kim said...

Doesn't that suck? I was leaving for vacation and my friend dropped me off at the terminal. I forgot my phone in her car and was going to call from a payphone to tell her to come back since i had plenty of time before my flight...yeah...NO PHONE NUMBER because it was in my damn phone! UGGGHHH!