Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dull moments can be a rare commodity...

Night before last was full of fun and mischief, but rather than have a mental breakdown, I decided I could do nothing but laugh...and share it with the blog world;>

My mom's dog is rather skittish and nervous most of the time. Her digestive system seems to have taken a toll from the move because she had diarrhea for several days after she came back to the apartment from the crazy house. She was going all the time but usually managed to keep it confined to my bathroom, although she didn't usually keep it on the vinyl floor but instead chose the rug and then the towels that replaced the rug while it was being washed.

So, night before last, she goes on the bathroom floor (I had abandoned the towel-replacing-rug idea in hopes of having easier clean-up) for the fourth or maybe fifth time that day, but I didn't realize this because I was trying to get the boys ready for a bath. I finally get them undressed and tell them to go in the bathroom to wait for me...they have washable markers in hand, by the way. I catch a glimpse of J covered in marker as I go into the dining room to finish clearing the table from dinner. While in the kitchen briefly gulping some water before I head to the bathroom, J starts wandering around. I see what I had previously believed to be marker and then ask him to stop for a second and come to looks too smeary to be marker. I immediately gasp and yell that J has poop all over him and for him to stop running around and go back to the bathroom. My mom doesn't believe it at first but soon realizes I was indeed correct after she examines him more closely. I run to the bathroom, muttering "oh no" repeatedly as I go, and find a spot of diarrhea with the slightest smudge through it. So, J is forced into the bathtub promptly and gets a thorough rinse off. Then, both boys get their bath. Shortly after, NS arrives.

We finally get the boys to bed (taking extra time because they were coloring while mom and her boyfriend were noisily putting a mirror up on the wall that is shared by the living room and the boys' room). I walk into my bathroom to clean their toothbrushes and wonder why it smells so bad still since I had sprayed air-freshener after the last time...until I look down at the floor. I walk out of the bathroom saying, "She struck again!". My mom sighs with exasperation and asks that I just put it in a plastic bag and stick it out on the balcony as I am grabbing the paper towels for the zillionth time in several days. I clean up the mess and then head to the kitchen to grab my water before going to sit down and relax for the evening. Before I can even move one foot to leave the kitchen, my Big Dog manages to plant his foot directly on the edge of a dog bowl and sends dog food sprawling across the kitchen floor. I say something about the dogs being determined to give me something to clean up every moment I have a free second while I pour the swept-up food into the garbage. Just as those words leave my mouth and enter the air, my Little Dog squats on the kitchen floor and pees. At that moment, I begin laughing. I could have cried or maybe screamed (as my mother nearly did), but I just had to laugh. As I sat on the floor soaking up the yellow pool with paper towels, I actually doubled over with laughter...I was quite hysterical at that point. While standing in the bitter cold (to me, it is bitter cold...I don't care how much colder it is elsewhere) waiting for the dogs to finish whatever business they had left to do, NS looks at me, rubs my shoulder, and says, "Rough day?" which I could only respond with more laughter and a defeated shake of my head.

Even though J and all three dogs managed to keep me busy cleaning up messes for a couple hours, the rest of the evening was uneventful...thank goodness;>


Elvis said...

Rest assured you're an entertaining writer. I got suckered into reading your blog for a few hours this afternoon. It's like a Grisham novel -- fast and a pageburner. I had to go back to the previous post, and then when I was done, I had to go back to the previous month... and then, I found myself at "First Post". Good for you.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Thanks for reading...and commenting;> I'm happy to hear you were entertained.