Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Circus...fun for boys, disappointing to me and NS

So, Saturday was the big circus day. I was all excited because I hadn't been to the circus in what seemed like forever, but it didn't live up to my expectations...apparently NS felt the same way. What I found most disappointing was the limited variety of animals. I seem to remember there being tigers and monkeys at the circus, but the most exotic thing at this circus were the elephants, even though they were gave a superb performance. In addition to the elephants were cats, dogs, birds, and horses. Other than that...all human circus acts.

So, even though NS and I were less than impressed, the boys seemed entertained enough despite not having listened to their mother tell them to take an early nap so that they would be well-rested for their afternoon adventure. J was still in naptime daze during the first act, but he was quiet and well-behaved, so no problem there, and he got more enjoyment during the second act after he fully woke up for a snack during intermission. I think his favorite people were the trapeze artists. M was totally enthralled during the first act. He clapped when everyone else clapped and just stared in amazement at everything going on, even standing on my lap at some points to get a better view. Of course, this meant that he lost some of his interest during intermission and didn't find the whole thing quite as captivating during the second act. I think he may have just wanted to get out of my lap to go join the circus, but he couldn't and was just a wiggle-worm. He really liked the jugglers, which was the first thing we saw. They juggled yellow hats, and he kept pointing at them and saying, "yellow". Being the daredevils they are, both were fascinated by the "ball of death" motorcycle show, which went from four to five to seven motorcycles spinning around each other...craziness;> Yes, I am a bad mother...I didn't find my camera before we left and so have no pictures to share of the first-time event, and NS didn't realize his camera's battery was practically dead because it showed full when he turned it on but dropped drastically with each of the possibly five pictures he managed to take, although some of those were probably pretty great.

As we were waiting in traffic after the circus, he mentioned that someone (I think his dad) told him he should go to Cirque Du Soleil if he wanted to see a good circus. I agreed that those shows are incredible and definitely a must-see.

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