Monday, February 06, 2006

That must've gone as well as I thought;>

I had a phone interview this afternoon for the instructional designer/tech writer position I applied for last week. Basically, it is someone that writes training manuals and other training materials for the company. I did some of this type of work with my former position in FL, so I have some experience and surely wouldn't mind doing that full-time. They said that the next step would be a face-to-face interview and that the scheduler would call me in a few days to a week one way or the other. Well, I got a call from her less than an hour later to schedule my in-person interview...think they liked me a little bit? So, next week at the same time, I meet with the hiring manager and three other individuals for 3 separate, 30-minute interviews and for a writing exercise...and I have to bring a writing sample as well, so I'll be hitting up my old co-workers to dig up some of the stuff I did down there;> I'm fairly certain this job will pay at least the minimum salary I've been looking for, and I've heard nothing but the best remarks about this company, so this must be the job that was the reason Verizon didn't work out...wish me luck;>

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