Friday, February 03, 2006

Job-hunting in full force, and the other stuff...

I've spent several hours during several days this week polishing my resume ('s been a couple months, afterall;>) and scouring monster and careerbuilder for possible jobs. I found three prospects via monster (and I think someone may have found me as well). One is a Help Desk Support rep, another was a receptionist/admin job with family services (pay is just right), and the other was for a tech writer, which is someone that writes the training materials. I actually got a call this morning to schedule a phone interview for the tech writer, I will interview for that on Monday @ 2;> I'm not sure if it pays what I'm looking for, but the company is supposed to one of the better ones to work for in this area, and it is a job I know I can do. I've written many training materials with my previous job;>

I applied for five other jobs I found on careerbuilder. A few administrative-type jobs, a customer service position performing background screening for companies, and another help desk support rep. The last bout I had with careerbuilder jobs produced no results, so I guess we'll see if this round goes any better.

I also spent a couple hours last night looking for financing to fund my college degree. If you ever need to look for scholarships, check out FastWeb. It is free and gives good results from what I could tell last night. Now, I've just got to determine which online school will work the best for me. University of Phoenix seems good enough, but the program at Capella University seems very detailed and thorough, but then again, I believe the price tag for that one is more than double that of the other school, even though that one isn't by any means cheap.

Other than that, the biggest news is that mom, M, J, and I are moving next week. It's only going to be a 2-bedroom apartment, but we can manage for however long (at most 6 months) we need to. She's very excited about this, so I'm sure this is the right thing for her to do.


melly21775 said...

I used to attend the UOP on-line. It was a good program, but beware, for the first couple of years you will be taking a lot of writing courses and critiacal thinking classes too. It's a lot of hard work and takes at least two to three hours a night of work. Good luck and I hope it works out for you. I had to drop out because I could not pass the darn algebra class. Oh well.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Well, I already have some college credit, both from AP in high school as well as classes taken at the university I attended when I first moved to FL. I had about 19 credits of Calculus with them because of my AP scores, and I took both my Comp classes in FL along with most of the other undergrad stuff, except for my second semester of foreign language, but that was only needed for the major I chose then, which was a Bachelor of Arts degree, and now I'm going for a Bachelor of Science. I'm prepared for some w hard work since it will be an accelerated degree, but I really need to get this over now that my situation has changed and I find myself less employable than I'd like to be;>