Monday, February 06, 2006

How do you make a living as an ugly stripper?

Last night, after boys and I went to dinner with mom and some of her co-workers, I went to a SuperBowl party that was hosted by a friend/co-worker of NS. It was pretty fun, although I was a couple hours late. There were some hard-core Steelers fans there, which was good since they not what I would have predicted. The Steelers couple (Steeler-he and Steeler-she) were really loud and animated with their support of their team; Steeler-he was also incredibly drunk, so they were funny;> Wife of host (NS had already told me she was a "ho" when he told me who everyone was) made out with female friend of Steeler-she and then the two adjourned to bedroom with host for a SuperBowl of their own (although very short-lived, in my opinion). I guess some of you are starting to wonder how any of this relates to ugly strippers maintaining their incomes...

The chief in charge of these Navy guys decides they deserve to have a really good time and orders two private strippers to come to the apartment after the game is over. After the above makeout session began, the question "why order takeout when you've got food at home?" question was asked. Chief's response was "sometimes takeout is better than what you've got at home". Now, the irony;>

The strippers arrive late, and are by no means people that I would have believed to be strippers had I seem them on the street. When it was announced that the strippers were there and then they walked through the door, the gut reaction from me and the guys sitting in my corner was "disappointing". One girl was ugly and chunky (nothing particularly wrong with either quality, but not necessarily beneficial for her line of employment, I don't think), and the other one was ugly and older, I guess. She didn't really look "old" to me, but the guys were saying she looked old...too old to be a stripper at the very least. We didn't stick around for the show, but I'm dying to hear what has been said about the performance considering most of the commentary beforehand was that the chics at the party were way hotter than the strippers...and even turned to everyone at the party being better-looking than they were. Seems Chief may have been wrong about takeout being better than food at home;> Now, I'm just speculating about whether they ever get any repeat business or if they are ever specifically requested NOT to be the strippers that arrive next time...hmmm.

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Skyqueen said...

Discount Stripper.....tisk tisk tiak. Always a party Faux Pa.