Friday, January 27, 2006

If I cared anymore, it could have hurt...but seeing as I don't, it was funny as hell

The other day, the same day I found out Verizon wouldn't be my employer, IFKAMH called. He calls too many times every day and bugs the crap out of me, but this one conversation in particular was rather enlightening;> We are semi-arguing over whether or not NS has the same mentality as he does (yes, it seems that IFKAMH assumes all men are like him), and then ends his statement with DA's name instead of mine. His voice trails at the end of her name, indicating he realized too late that the name he was using was not the right one, and he is completely silent afterwards, as if hoping I didn't hear it...but I did;> I asked if he realized that he just called me "DA", and he starts spouting off about how he knows exactly what he said but didn't mean anything by it and fought with her a lot and that whenever he's mad says that word. Oh, okay, that makes it alright (please note the sarcasm of that thought;>). So, now I have my confirmation that his sudden determination to win me back was a result of things going sour with her. Just helps reinforce my decisions have been the right ones and that I am truly over him because this slip didn't bother me in the least, and I've actually told people with excitement what happened because I found it so amusing and fitting;>

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Danielle said...

Men I'll tell ya, I really have no ords for them. Except AMAZING and that was not in a good way!