Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I am officially a divorcee...

So, my divorce was final as of Thursday morning. Doesn't feel any different, but I'm awfully glad that it's over and done with now. My house is on the market now, and my realtor (I met with six of them Saturday afternoon and chose one to sign with on Sunday) is really trying to earn her commission. She's already got postcards and flyers ready and has taken pictures of the house to use for the listing. She actually lives in the same community but in a different subdivision, so I think that will help her sell the benefits of the area. Also, she is totally in love with my house. When she left on Sunday, she even said that she loves my house and wants to buy it...but can't afford it;> I can't afford my house, either, and I can't believe how ridiculous housing prices are...I can't imagine paying $270,000 for my house, but I sure hope someone wants to pay that much.

I had fun in Florida...saw my old co-workers and went dancing Thursday night to celebrate. Club Paris is where I went, and I'm very happy that I didn't have to pay to get in or pay for the drinks...not only because I don't think Paris Hilton should be any more famous, but because it was really not a very good club, in my opinion. The dance floor is tiny and the music wasn't that great. But it was no cover and open bar for ladies until midnight, so it wasn't a terrible waste of the $3 I spent for parking;> I still don't understand why men are so creepy. One guy that decided to try to dance with me (I say try because he couldn't dance if his life depended on it and because I didn't even attempt to dance with him although he continued to dance next to me as if we were dancing together) was just weird. He was wearing a short-sleeved, striped, button-down shirt with a windbreaker kind of jacket on top of it. It was just very unattractive clothing and only made him look like a geek...and the lack of dance skills only made this impression stronger. I finally lose him. It was difficult, but I managed to do this by going to the bathroom for a little while. After I come out, I start dancing sans guys again and am actually starting to enjoy the place because I've had a few drinks and don't have to worry about trying to politely ditch any unsolicited men when all of a sudden, I feel someone's groin thrusting into my back. I don't know why guys can't just ask before doing this, and I don't know why the ones that do this are terrible dancers (you can't slow grind to every song...in fact, you can't do this to most songs played in clubs). If he's comfortable enough to just sneak up behind me and starting rubbing his genitals on my ass, then he should be okay with leaning in close to my ear and shouting, "Do you mind if I dance with you?", or some other equally respectful question to determine if I am truly looking for someone to dance with. Guys, not all women that aren't physically with a man at that particular moment are looking to hook up with someone...please try to keep that in mind. Anyway, I don't have the personality to just turn around and say, "Get off of me, I am not looking to dance with anyone tonight", so I end up just leaving around 1245 after my tipsiness wore off and I couldn't get rid of the groin-thruster.

I missed my boys terribly but did talk to them every day at least once. Little M even said he missed me one day. I don't know if he really knew what he was saying...maybe he just picked it up from my saying it to him, but it was sweet and sounded so clear and genuine that I almost cried. J gave me lots of phone kisses. My mom said that they would go in her room every day and pick up a picture of me to look at and talk to, and one morning J was giving it kisses...they are so precious. They were really excited to see me last night, and I had so much fun lovin' on them when I picked them up from daycare...I told them the next time I go to Florida, they're coming with me;>

NS missed me, too. After I sent him a text saying that I was officially a divorced woman Thursday morning, he called me and left a voicemail that started with, "Now that you're divorced...". I felt panic inside because he sounded so serious and I was scared of what might be following that sentence, but it was all for nothing 'cause he was just being silly and finished the sentence with, "I'd like to take you out sometime, like on a date, when you get back from Florida". So, I let out a laugh of relief and called him to tell him he could take me out on a date;> Saturday night, he called me while I was going to Home Depot (third time that day) to get stuff for the work I needed to do on the house that night. He was looking at vacations on eBay. He was looking at Caribbean vacations. Okay, I'm going to have to deveate from the story now to give the background on why I think he was looking at these vacations in particular...

Saturday afternoon (on the way to Home Depot, second trip that day), I get a text from him saying he can't see me anymore. Not being quite sure if I should take that seriously or not since it didn't seem his style, I simply replied with a "why?". The response was..."cause i'm in love with a stripper". For those that aren't up on hip-hop music, this is a song, so I smiled, but my grandma called me before I could reply, so he sends an apology because he was in a goofy mood and then another text saying that he guesses I didn't find it as funny as he did. I finally get to reply to him saying that I was just on the phone and did smile when I read his reason for not being able to see me anymore. Then, the song was on the radio, so I sent a message saying that and that I would have found it funnier if the reason had been with the first message, and might have laughed instead of just smiling. He sends me another message saying that he didn't think I would take a break up message seriously, and I replied with "not from you". This is where we start getting to the part that I think influenced his vacation search. His response to the "not from you" message was: 'So when the other guys you're seeing do it through text message, you believe them. What, am I not serious enough? You just screwed up. No more jokes from me.' So, I had to clarify for him: 'You read more than what I wrote. Just meant that you're better than the guys I met BEFORE you, so didn't seem your style.' He then said that was a nice job of covering my ass, to which I replied that it was all true so it was easy. Then, he says I'm really sucking up and must want a trip to Aruba or something...I told him any Caribbean island would be great, but I was just trying to keep getting jokes from him;>

Anyway, that is where the Caribbean vacation idea came from, I'm almost positive. He makes some comments about not being sure how much that kind of vacation should cost since he's never done that kind of vacation before and isn't sure about where to go, where to stay, going for all-inclusive or not. I have to chime in that the best way to go is a cruise. You get treated like royalty, it's so relaxing because it is all-inclusive, you get to see a few different places and have a ton of stuff to do on the boat, and it's just such a great value. I did say I may be slightly biased because the only cruise I've been on was with one of the best, Royal Caribbean;> So, what does he do? He goes to the Royal Caribbean website and starts looking at the cruises available. He finds one that is like six months from now and starts going through the reservation stuff to see how much it will cost. He's asking me about what kind of room and if I have special dietary needs and stuff. He gets to the end and realizes he can't afford to reserve it right now because the deposit has to be paid in 24 hours to hold the reservation. If he hadn't just spent all that money on the snowboarding trip and still had the extra cash, I really think he would have reserved the cruise for us...scary 'cause that means he's still planning on being with me six months from now and thinking it will still be good enough that he'd want to spend a few grand to take me on vacation for a week. After we get off the phone so I can get to work at the house, he sends me a text message saying he likes me (this works for me...still unsure about stepping up from "like" to the other "L") and another one that night that says he thinks i'm beautiful, sweet, and smart. We spent the afternoon together yesterday and a couple hours last night since he went with me to get my suitcase (didn't make it on my flight...keep reading) so I wouldn't have to park, and he'll probably be going out to eat with me and the boys tonight. So, he's definitely still going strong in the "sweetie" department.

I was supposed to have my phone interview with Verizon yesterday afternoon, but I rescheduled because it was just not a good day for me to interview for a job I want so badly. First of all, I didn't finish working on my house Sunday until it was 130 Monday morning...I had been up since 6 Sunday morning. I was starving at this point and needed to fill up the rental car anyhow, so I stopped for gas and got a snack to eat. I get back to my hotel around 2 and get ready for bed and realize I still need to pack. I finally crawl into bed and go to sleep a little after 230...my alarm is set for 630 so that I can leave by 730 to drop the rental off by 8 and be on time for my 945 flight. Well, after getting 4 hours of sleep following such a work-filled two days (not to mention that I'd only gotten about 5 hours of sleep the prior night and 5 or 6 the previous two nights as well), I was a little sluggish and didn't check out of the hotel until 745. I figure I should still be alright but forgot that this is a Monday morning and there is going to be traffic. I still make it to the rental place by 815, though, which should still be fine...wrong. My credit card authorization was done manually when I picked up the car Wednesday night, and the information was nowhere to be found on my paperwork or in their computers, so they don't seem to believe that there was one done. I call the credit card company to have it confirmed so that they can simply process the charge for the lower amount of the actual rental (because there wasn't enough to cover both the authorization from Wednesday and the charge for the rental). I don't know why no one I dealt with at the credit card company nor the lady at the rental place were all so incompetent, but they had me waiting around for over 45 minutes trying to straighten this out. It still wasn't taken care of when I left after 9, but one of the managers at the rental car place was kind enough to just write all the information that they would need to take care of it later and let me go...afterall, they had the authorization to charge me more than what the cost of my rental was; it was just a matter of them figuring out how to get it processed. So, I don't get to the airport until about 915 (flight's at 945, remember?). I use the curbside check-in and am advised that it is considered a late check-in but the bag should still make it because he called down to tell them I was there and the bag was waiting. I make it to the gate around 935 and they're still boarding a line full of people, so I don't feel too bad about being so late. Well, I get back to VA and am waiting for my suitcase...it isn't there. I don't worry too much because there are a few other people still waiting as well. Seemed odd that only that few bags wouldn't have been unloaded yet, but I still wait a little bit. NS is waiting outside for me since he's in crappy uniform (his words, not mine) and can't be seen in public with them (really can't...Navy says so). The other waiters have disappeared, so I figure I better go to baggage service to see if my bad didn't make it. It didn't. Neither did those other people's bags, but they weren't late check-ins. The bags didn't make it because there were some mechanical difficulties in FL with the belt-loader, but since I was a late check-in, I still had to come pick my bag up from the airport rather than getting it couriered to my house like the other people. So, yesterday was just not the best day for me, and I really didn't feel like an interview was something I was up for, so it's been rescheduled for this afternoon;>

That's my all. Wish me luck.


GA girl said...

Good luck. Give me a call when you get a chance.

Danielle said...

CONGRATS ON THE DIVORCE.......AND YES.....that is entitled a congrats!!! Glad you had fun in FL, yah sound busy........enjoy yourself gurl, have fun!!!!! and good luck!

stella said...

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