Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

More later. Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve;>


Anonymous said...

Here's to another year of woo being a parasite on society.

Maybe you'll actually get a job (yeah, right) and stop mooching off of your parents (yeah, right) and stop slutting around (yeah, RIGHT) and start actually being a good role model for your kids (yeah, right).

I'm sure you'll just continue to be a worthless human being and an embarrassment to the rest of contributing society this year.

Woo's Herpes said...

Happy new year! It's going to be a prosperous one for us!

Danielle said...

Hey Woo, Hope you had a great New years. I did, you should come check out my post for today about my new years weekend :)

You are both whores said...

wow----whores of a feather fuck together.

DennisNYC said...

I hope your young boys NEVER find this site, they'd be ashamed to see their mama posing in such a tacky way in her photos and asking the iinternet-at-large about what to do with her pubic hair and about how many guys she bangs.

Poor kids.

Anonymous said...

dennisnyc - go suck a dick

You are both whores- get a life!