Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For those that may have been concerned...

M is feeling much better. His energy has returned full-force;>

3rd date with the Navy boy...

And he is still as sweet as ever;>

We went to see The Ice Harvest. I thought it was terrific...a wonderful mix of emotional responses: laughter, shocked gasps, pitiful "awww"s;> We cuddled through most of the movie, and he gave me a nice shoulder rub. I don't usually enjoy shoulder/back rubs because my body rarely seems tense enough to need that kind of attention, but I guess I needed it tonight because it felt pretty great.

After the movie we went to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert since we didn't have time to catch dinner before the movie. This was the first time I'd been, and I can say I will definitely return...best ice cream ever! I had Cherry Loves Cheesecake, which was cheesecake ice cream with black cherries, chocolate chips, and hot fudge mixed in....mmmm, yummy;>

Since he caught a cold while he was visiting his family in Chicago, I still didn't get a "real" kiss goodnight...just another one on the cheek with a hug. No complaints because I really have been lucky to remain healthy while everyone I know seems to be sick, but the kiss is usually how I determine if there's a good physical chemistry, so I'm looking forward to it when he's feeling better.

No, please not again...

I received an interesting phone call this afternoon from IFKAMH. It would seem (according to him) that he now really regrets what he's done and misses me and the boys and would like to work things out and be with me and them again.

For some reason, I can't imagine why (right;>), I don't trust him. The timing seems very peculiar to me. He has now signed the paperwork needed for me to file the divorce, which means he will be paying child support. He knows that I'm preparing to sell the FL house, which is now mine, so he will not be able to benefit from any of the proceeds without being with me. I feel that his reasons for telling me that he's been missing me and about his desire to work things out stem from ulterior motives.

I asked him if DA* knew of his feelings since he didn't tell her about them the last time he felt like this (recall a very similar turnaround from him back in June/July, except then he wanted me to move closer to him). His response? He doesn't care about her. Um, that doesn't really answer the question, now does it?

I am also very worried that he will leave his job before he has another one here. I tried to make it very clear that doing this will do nothing to impress me or show me that he's different, to which he agreed, but it is a fear I have nonetheless. He has said that he applied for a position in Virginia similar to the one he has now, so I guess now it'll be a matter of whether or not he actually waits to be offered the job before he flees his current one.

I just can't believe any of this has happened...again. I have moved on. I am dating again. But, I guess since he doesn't know any of these things, he thinks that I'll just welcome him back. I have agreed to let him know the things he needs to do to start to win me back, although I told him that even if he does everything I ask, I may not be able to take him back...I just don't know if I ever want to at this point, and I'm even less sure if it's actually possible anymore to revive what we once had, let alone make it work.

The paperwork will be here tomorrow, so I'll be signing my parts and promptly sending them to my lawyer, so I hope he doesn't think this little change of heart will prevent me from continuing the divorce because no matter how much he tries, I may not be able to forgive him and may not ever again be able to feel like he is the best man for me.

* DA reference began July 8th with The end is near...

I am a genius!

Just kidding, but I did pass the Verizon test yesterday;>

I was really worried that I'd be expected to troubleshoot some complex network problems on my own with no multiple choice answers to choose from based on what the second test I took was like. I couldn't have been more wrong and worried for no reason at all. This test was obviously testing your ability to speak on the phone and use a computer at the same time. The troubleshooting steps were all on the computer for me; I just had to answer the phone and walk the customer through the information and fill in the trouble ticket. It was incredibly easy, so I passed.

The next step was to fill out the application. Now, I just wait 10-14 days to hear back. As long as their background check isn't as unforgiving as the government one, I should be getting an interview...or a job offer;>

Sunday, November 27, 2005

We were supposed to go to grandma's house for my family's Thanksgiving...

Instead, I spent four hours of my day at the urgent care clinic with M this morning/afternoon. He has an infection in both ears. My poor baby was just so miserable this weekend.

It started on Friday when I got a call from daycare to come pick him up because he just wasn't acting like himself. My mom and I had been shopping, so we arrived at the daycare together to find him sleeping on a little bean-bag chair, pale as could be. He didn't even want to wake up. When we got home, he was given some medicine and then a few crackers to eat. He promptly vomitted a few minutes later...all over himself, his puppy (God forbid anything happen to this one-eared, nose-coming-off, stuffed puppy so that he doesn't have it at bedtime), and me;> He stayed in on Saturday and seemed in good enough spirits, but this morning, he was definitely not well...completely drained of his normal over-abundance of toddler energy. He just wanted to lay on me. So, I took him to urgent care around 10:30 this morning, thinking that I'd be early enough to be able to get him home in time for nap if not lunch...yeah, right. The place was packed. I got one of two empty seats when I arrived. No matter how many people got called back and left, the place just filled right back up. They began bringing out additional chairs to accommodate the crowd. M decided he was tired of sitting in a chair with me and preferred to now sit in my lap on the floor, so that is what we did. This still left the place full...unbelievable. I guess they did not plan for a busy day (don't they know everyone gets sick and injured during holiday weekends when doctors aren't available?!?) because there was only one doctor on duty for the first two and half hours of our three hour wait to be called to the back. So, abour four hours after I left the house with him, we arrive home with another hour wait from the pharmacy for the prescriptions to be ready;>

So, I go back to the pharmacy after the hour is up to get M's drugs. Now I am told that they have been unable to confirm prescription coverage for him. I only have an insurance card that IFKAMH sent, no prescription card. I remember this issue before about there being a separate company for prescription billing, so I dig out my paper copy of the insurance information from the sickness of the summer and give her the prescription company. She calls but still can't get the confirmation...terrific! Oh, by the way, since I dropped off in the drive-thru, I went to pick up in the drive-thru...knowing this when I left the house, I was wearing fuzzy green slippers as I stand at the pharmacy counter for approximately half an hour trying to get IFKAMH on the phone and help the pharmacy tech get the confirmation so I don't have to pay full price;> Well, I ended up having to pay full price ($158.98 for an anitbiotic and a cough medicine!!) with the option to come back within 7 days with the information they need to bill the insurance and get a refund.

Thankfully, IFKAMH took my calls seriously and called me shortly after I got back from the pharmacy, so I now have the information they need and can return tomorrow to take care of it, but what a pain...all I wanted was to make a quick trip to be able to get the drugs to make my little man feel better. They better work;>

Wish me luck...

I have my third test for the Verizon job tomorrow morning. It is supposed to be a customer support role-play test, which should be easy for me as long as it is not job-specific customer support;> I printed some stuff I found online about network troubleshooting to study, but after reading through the overview I'm not sure how much it's really going to relate to the job for Verizon, so the studying may not really do me much good tomorrow should the test involve actual network troubleshooting examples. Can't hurt, though.

I didn't get the job that needed the background check. The background check was for government security clearance, and they apparently frown upon financial difficulties, regardless of the reason. Another reason for me to not be nice to IFKAMH. If not for his life crisis (I would say mid-life since that's really what it seemed like, but I'm not sure he's really old enough for that...but maybe his body knows he'll be gone before 60, who knows?), I wouldn't have not been able to pay those bills nor would I ever have had to consider filing bankruptcy in order to feel like I could support myself and my children without him. Sad that something like that would ruin my chances for a job that he felt I was otherwise qualified for, but I guess everything happens for a reason, and it really wasn't the job for me. So, now I really want to get this Verizon job more than ever...wish me luck;>

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey Day went well

My boys and I spent Thanksgiving with my mom, her husband, and his family. Dinner was hosted by one of his sisters (he has 3). It was good, but I really missed cooking this year. Thanksgiving has to be my absolute favorite time to cook. I love getting the turkey and all the other ingredients and preparing a wonderful meal that will last at least a week;> I love making homemade mashed potatoes with the skin and lumps still in them. They had no greenbean casserole, which is a complete no-no for my dinner. Honestly, there was nothing green at the table except the green jello salad, which looked incredibly gross...kind of like a ball of seafoam in a glass bowl with some fruit garnish on top. The only pumpkin pie there was store-bought, and while mine isn't made from scratch, it is prepared using the perfect recipe on the Libby's can and would have been fresh from the oven. But...even though it wasn't my type of Thanksgiving dinner, it was still very good. The boys were angels, too, which was a true blessing considering they didn't take a nap during the drive down like they should have;>

5 Things I Am Very Thankful For This Year:

-Two healthy, growing boys
-Wonderful family (especially my mom and grandmother) that loves me
-My bestest friends that are really my sisters in spirit
-My health and the fact that I feel very blessed
-IFKAMH signed the paperwork!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yeah...this is a REAL nice guy...

That title is drenched in sarcasm, by the way;>

To give you the background of the instant messenger conversation below...this guy contacted me a week ago. He just sent me an IM through Yahoo Personals. He finally let me see his yahoo profile...everything looked alright, but he had "I'll tell you later" for his height. Well, he's 5'5". Trying not to be too superficial, even though I don't see myself being able to have a relationship with someone less than 5'8" (and that's very borderline), I continued to talk with him. It gets to the point that he wants to talk on the phone. I don't want to give my number to him but said he could give me his number. Now, this was the night before my last date with the 31 year-old kayaker. I told this new guy that I had a date the next night but should be able to call him on Thursday. Now, I put his number in my phone...at least I thought this is what I did. I start to call him on Thursday while I was on my way to pick up my boys and find his number is not in my phone. I sent him an IM that night (actually it was a response to his message to me, although I wasn't online, that said the date must have been really good since he didn't hear from me) explaining that I didn't have his number in my phone like I thought but that I would try to call the next day since I should still have the paper on which I originally wrote the number down. Well, as it turned out, my mom and I spent the day shopping on Friday (just like we had done on Thursday after my interview), so I didn't get a chance to call during the day...and I had thrown out the paper that had his number on it. I sent him an IM Friday as well explaining this, and he seemed to be okay with it and gave me the number again. This time I checked my phone a couple times to ensure that it did save. We chatted a bit that night before he went to rent a movie with his friend. Before the conversation ended, I said that I wouldn't be able to call on Saturday because I knew I was going to be busy (grocery shopping, errands, and the date with Navy boy) but that Sunday should work for me.

Now, Friday night, he sends me a message (while I'm offline) asking if I didn't get the number this time. Then, he sends me three messages on Saturday (while I'm offline) asking if we're still getting together this weekend, asking if I'm trying to blow him off, and asking if he should stop talking to me because this was getting embarrassing (yes, it was). Sunday ended up being busy for me, too, since I went out with Navy boy again, so I didn't get a chance to call, and I was getting a little weirded out by his offline messages to me, so I didn't send him a message because I didn't know what I wanted to say...afterall, he seemed to think that we had made some sort of plans that I never knew about and despite my clearly stating that I had a busy day planned Saturday, he felt it necessary to send me messages as though I should have been online or should have called him. Yesterday morning I had another message from him asking if this was supposed to be a hint. My response was that it wasn't but I was reconsidering meeting him. The following is what took place after I sent him that message (his username was changed since I am really a nice person):

short man: How come all of a sudden the change of mind?
short man: Something I did? Maybe it will help me figure out why women keep doing this?
woowoo: Well, I am still seeing the other guy that I went out with last week...we've made plans to see each other again when he gets back in town after the holiday...but something I would suggest you work on is being less persistent...most women, like myself, are more attracted to a man with confidence...being so persistent makes you seem a little insecure, impatient, and even a little desperate (all turn-offs for me a[nd] probably most other women)...the attention is flattering, but most of your messages sounded as if you didn't think you could hold my attention rather than just saying hi...you also read more into some things i said than what was written...
woowoo: like you thought we had made plans to get together this past weekend when all i had written was that i probably couldnt call you on saturday because i knew i had a busy day but that sunday might be better...as it turned out, sunday was also busy for me
woowoo: so, i just dont think we are going to be a good match, which is why i've changed my mind about meeting...i hope you understand...i wish you the best of luck in finding the woman that's right for you because you seem like a nice and caring man but just not the right type of personality to mesh with mine
short man: Funny I drink once a month {what...when did I mention drinking??}.. however that last girl that blew me off told me I paid too much attention to her and that I was too confident almost borderline cocky and I acted to her the same way I act to you. I was always told if you are interested in someone show them.. anyway I can see why they call it a dating game. I can also see your very quick to pass judgement and you say I read into things.. you basically read into me and everything I did.. which is coo.. you turned out to be like every other woman around here which solidifies my theory on VA women.. but thanks for wishing me luck.
short man: I was definitly not insecure and worried about hodling your attention.. If you paid me any and kept your word it would have been different. You throw mad mixed signals and you are flakey as hell. I would say that guy your seeing is lucky but he isnt. How is this for confident.. Your a single mom (dime a dozen) in the pregnancy captiol of VA {don't know how this applies to me as I didn't even get pregnant here, and I was married when I got pregnant...guess he forgot about my telling him these things}. Chances are I was the best guy that will come along the shit spot town of {my town} to pick you up..There is a reason your a sigle mom with two kids who still plays games at her age and this guy will see it like the rest and youll end up single again browsing yahoo personals in hope of finding someone who cant handle your mixed up self Good luck to you {Woo Woo}. If I sound bitter.. I am extremely tired of women like you.
woowoo: well, you definitely sound bitter...i'm really sorry you've had such a rough time finding the woman that's right for you (try finding the one that you think is right and building a life with her only to find out you were very wrong and have your life crumble around you and having to pick up the pieces and start over when you haven't really done anything like this before...because that is what i've done)...you have only proven to me that we are not a good match because while i was only trying to tell you my reasons for changing my mind (since you asked) and then wished you well in the future because you "seemed" like a nice and caring man...you have done exactly the opposite, so maybe i was wrong about that, too...
woowoo: and i don't see how being a busy mom that can't be online when you are or find enough time to call you right away and just generally being honest with you means i'm playing games...i would say i'm sorry that i couldn't call when i originally promised, but i guess i'm not afterall...everything happens for a reason is what i've always believed
short man: Well I am nice but you wont know that. However should I be nice to someone who said she was going to call 4 times and didnt even send a quick message? I doubt you do that to the guy your dating now. I asked you before. If your too busy just let me know. but i was raised with something called common courtesy. Maybe your used to scumbag guys, however if you tell someone you are going to do something. You follow through. Im a simple guy and I am nice but you have been pretty mean to me, so I am sorry you didnt get the nice side. Im sorry your life crumbled around you, That isnt my fault though and all I wanted to do was take you out. You didnt give me a very fair chance. You didnt get to know me, and you passed judgemtn on me unfairly so your right.. things happen for a reason
short man: I definitly am done meeting women online becuase they have more issues then the ones you meet at bars!

Now maybe it's just me, but I highly doubt that any woman would have thought the kind of messages he sent me before these showed any kind of confidence...all of his offline messages to me seemed to imply that he thought he wasn't keeping my attention or that I was blowing him off. I'm sure he's really just a nice guy like he claims...who wouldn't think that about a guy who basically says that a woman is a single mom because she's a horrible person and that she'll never find a good relationship just because she is no longer convinced that he might be a good match for her?!? Seems like he's got quite a few issues of his own, like learning to read and count properly (I did not promise to call 4 times...only 3, and I did explain to him as soon as possible each time, except the last, why I couldn't call). Whew...guess I rescued myself with this one;> Needless to say, he's now among the "ignore list" on my yahoo messenger.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Well, that's different...

I met the 24 year-old Navy boy on Saturday. We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went bowling...I had hoped for dancing, but bowling was really fun, too. We had a great time. Something very different with this guy from every other guy that I've met so far...he didn't make a single move the entire night. He didn't even try for a hug at the end of the night, much less a kiss;> It was very sweet.

We went to a movie and dinner yesterday, too. More fun for both of us. He did put his arm around me towards the end of the movie...also went for the hug at the end of the night, and a kiss on the cheek. He seems like he's a bit shy around women, but it's nice because it makes him very respectful.

Other than his being young and in the Navy, he really has a lot of things that I'm looking for...like his parents are still happily married;>

Thursday, November 17, 2005

No, no, just no...not going to work at the funeral home

After the interview this morning, I've decided I definitely cannot pursue that job. I think it would be a very emotionally-draining job for me, and I'm not willing to put myself through the torture. I am way too happy and smiley of a person to deal with death every day. I also get a little emotional around emotional people, especially when there is a loss of a loved one involved. I remember a time when my mom was working in the hospital and I went with her to pick up something. I was in the family waiting area. There was a young man's family there that was waiting to hear news of his condition. I recall how positive they all were and the comments they made about him pulling through and everything being okay...and then I remember over-hearing the doctor just outside the waiting room as my mom and I left preparing to tell them that he didn't pull through. I cried on the ride down in the elevator just thinking of how devastating that news would be for his family. I could never deal with that kind of emotion every day...never.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Men, men, and more men...

I had two dates last Friday and one on Saturday. Neither of the guys from Friday were any of the ones posted about before. Saturday was with the Navy kayaker.

Friday afternoon...very creepy guy. We went to lunch, during most of which he stared at my hair. He has a thing for long hair and didn't even bother to try to hide his interest in mine. He's also too much of a sci-fi freak for my liking and kept implying things about meeting my children. Overall, just made me uneasy. We also went to see Chicken Little...cute and funny (not exactly what I think a man should choose for a first date).

Friday night...guy seemed nice enough. Mexican for dinner, and a movie (Derailed...thought it was much better than the newspaper review) after. We did go back to his house to hang out for a little while, and he was quite the gentleman...always asking permission. We were well-behaved, though...I really didn't want to be, and I know he didn't. But, now I think he may have thought I was a tease because I haven't heard from him since the day after...and that contact was just a message to ask for my number. Oh well, his loss if he gives up so soon.

Saturday night...quite fun. Started with drinks at a bar. His best friend ended up being there with his date (this may have been planned as his escape in case I wasn't quite who I said I was, if you know what I mean). The four of us went back to his place to drink a little cheaper...had pina coladas, which I haven't had in a while (yummy;>). We are going to a movie tomorrow night.

And on a side note...there is a married guy with a 14 month-old daughter that is trying to convince me (via instant messaging) to have an affair with him. He knows my story, so I can't understand why he think I'd even consider doing the same thing to another woman...I really don't understand the thought process of cheaters. I feel so incredibly bad for his wife because I'm sure she's as clueless as I was.

Oh, and Mr. Sexy is still making his weekly phone call to let me know he's thinking about me and would love to see me if he only had time...I didn't actually get to talk to him last time because I was talking to the Navy kayaker, but he left this info in a voicemail. Not sure what to think about it all. Mostly feels like he's just trying to stay on my good side so that he won't get rejected whenever he does decide to make the time to see me, but then again, he could have some weird idea that his being unavailable and aloof will make me want him more...that crap doesn't work on me, though, so maybe I'll try to tell him as much so he can stop it if that's his goal. I don't consider myself high-maintenance or needy, but I sure as hell need more attention than that to sustain interest in someone.

I've gotten to have a lot of choices through Yahoo. May be meeting a couple other guys in the next week or so...I'll let y'all know.

Job Outlook...

For starters, I found the Verizon job posting. I went last week and passed the first two of three tests. I honestly don't know how I passed the second one because most of the questions made little to no sense to me and I was just doing my best guesswork. I ended up being one of 8 people to pass out of 24 that took it...and the only female. I am taking the third test on the 28th. Wish me luck;>

Yesterday's job fair was decent enough. There were a ton of employers there, but not many had good jobs available that I want. The last booth we stopped at was promising, though. I just wanted to find out who the company was because it was just initials. I ended up with an interview scheduled for this morning. The job is a help desk support position. The company has a contract with the Navy for their intranet. The interview was unlike any I've ever had. There wasn't a question asked that had anything to do with my personality. He only asked 5-7 questions about computer stuff, some I got right, some I didn't, and had me rate my expertise on different things. Since he's going to try to move ahead with the background check, I'll take that as a good sign.

I also have an interview Thursday morning with a funeral home. I'd be selling funeral packages. It pays salary plus commission, but I'm not really sure how comfortable I'd be with it...we'll see how the interview goes, I guess.

That's the latest on that aspect of life.

Monday, November 14, 2005

I am still here, and I will write again

I have not died, been kidnapped and/or murdered, or started working, but I have a lot to update and no time to write it. I promise to do it soon, though.

Maybe tomorrow will work for me...I say that every day now (it's bound to be true one time, though);>

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And now the career update...

So, my mom and I went to a job fair tonight...very disappointing for the most part. Only four companies there, two of which were of no interest to us. The other two seem okay, but then again, may turn out not to be what they're cracked up to be. We'll be attending another one next week that looks to be more promising.

I am keeping my eyes peeled for a position with some division of Verizon. The starting pay is supposed to be awesome with a full benefits package.

The substitute teaching thing is still a possiblity (waiting on my transcripts), but the pay scale kind of worries me.

And finally, I am trying to get in with a few home-based companies...not the scams, but actual companies that hire people to do work from home (like data entry and employment reference verification). I figured out that making $8/hour for 20 hours a week would leave me more money in the end than making $10/hour at 40 hours a week and having to fork over those daycare expenses.

Well, wish me luck...I would love to have a reliable income in the very near future;>


Can I kill him? Pretty please? I'm sure the jury would understand...

IFKAMH is at it again. He has yet to sign the new settlement agreement...probably because I told him about the section that states child support will be taken directly from his paycheck. I didn't put it in, but I think my lawyer's paralegal did it after asking me if he had been paying anything and I responded that he had given me $175 a couple months ago but nothing else. (I have since gotten another $200 money order and the insurance card, but still not quite what he's supposed to be paying...$864 a month). So, I explained that he has not shown that he is going to pay like he's supposed to and that I wasn't going to have that section removed from the agreement because I need to be able to depend on that money every month to take care of our children since I've got over $1300 a month to pay for daycare (and after actually calculating, it's actually over $1400). He was not happy but still said he would sign the paperwork. That was about a week ago.

My grandmother hired movers to pack and move my stuff out of the FL house and store it here in VA until I have my own place. This happened Saturday...as of Saturday night, there was nothing but unwanted items and items to repair the house left. Sunday afternoon, IFKAMH calls. He asks where everything in the house is. I told him it was moved out. He got a bit upset that his stuff was gone. I responded with some hostility of my own since he hadn't told me he was going to be going to get his stuff. I asked why he would think he could just go and get anything out of the house when he didn't even have a key. He thought that the electricity would be on and that he'd be able to go in through the garage. To which I respond: don't you think I might have disabled the garage door opener before I left in July so that you wouldn't be able to just come in and take stuff and leave me without anything?!? He asks if he's going to have to come to VA to get his stuff. I said since he moved out without taking anything and has been back to the house since then and still didn't take anything, the stuff is mine, and if he wants anything, then he will have to come to VA and go through me.

I left a message yesterday and today asking if the papers had been signed and reminding him to do it soon if he hasn't done it.

He should probably be more careful about how he treats me and may want to go ahead and get those papers back to me...otherwise, I will resort to threats. I know where he is and where his vehicle is and where he works, so I can very easily let his finance company know how they can repossess his truck. I'd rather not cause him to lose his truck because I don't want it to interfere with his being able to work, but I'm getting desparate.

I still can't believe he has the nerve to act like I owe him something after everything he's done...and not done.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The latest Yahoo possibilities...

While Mr. Sexy still has my interest, he's gonna have to figure out how to spare some time away from the new job to spend with me if he wants to keep it. So, in the meantime, I've started a few new conversations...must keep my options open;>

So, here they are (in no particular order):

24 year-old Navy boy, seems like a fun guy to hang out with that hates smoking as much as I do and is 6'2", 210 lbs...if that doesn't make me feel tiny, I don't know what will;>
34 year-old Caribbean traveler, shares several of my interests and is a perfect fit for my criteria and isn't a military man...quite the shocker around here;>
39 year-old ex-Marine, swears he's not the typical ex-Marine and seems to have a lot of good qualities other than that;>
31 year-old kayaker, another Navy guy, seems to have a good sense of humor and enjoys some fun activities that I'd like to try;>

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can ketchup sustain?

What is it about ketchup that children love so much? My boys will eat ketchup by itself before thinking about dipping their fishsticks or chicken nuggets or whatever in it like they're supposed to. They get so excited to see ketchup on their plates and just dig in...it's quite funny to watch as they shove spoonfuls of red goo in their mouths. So, they are getting infant/toddler vitamins now because I doubt ketchup has sufficient nutritional value to sustain them;>

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Changes again...

I quit the telemarketing job. The base pay is just not enough for me to take the risk. I can't live on the base pay, so I'd have to be selling a significant amount of ads every week just to make ends meet, and I'm not comfortable with that. I can't stand the thought of sitting there on the phone and knowing in my mind that I need to make that sale to pay my mortgage this month or daycare next week or buy dinner that night...that's not how I picture myself living. So, I'm back on the job prowl.

I found an ad in the paper looking for assemblers with no experience necessary, making a guaranteed $1380/week...that couldn't possibly be a scam, now, could it?!?

The sugar high is wearing off...

We've been recovering from Halloween night for the past couple nights, but it seems as though things may be better now.

The boys dressed as frogs. I just threw on an orange t-shirt under a black sheer top and some jeans with a furry leopard print hat.

M looking adorable...as if he ever doesn't
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

J really wanting to eat dinner...not at all concerned about trick or treating
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The costumes were from Old Navy...my absolute favorite casual clothes store and the place I must go when looking for a great-fitting pair of pants;> Since the boys can't even say "trick or treat", we figured it would be best to go to the mall so they could look cute and collect candy for us to eat.

It was off to a slow start...they weren't really sure what was going on. Of course, they catch on pretty quick and soon enough were getting into the swing of things...reaching for candy instead of just waiting for it to be put in their baskets.

J even forgot about dinner (or perhaps began to think this was dinner) and started taking candy from M's basket. M eventually realized what was happening and decided he'd better perform periodic basket checks to ensure he still had some candy;>

M had a preference for lollipops, while J was really excited about some generic pink candy thing and a gummy eyeball.

All in all, the night went well and the boys were happy...although they were probably happiest when they finally got to eat their Chick-Fil-A dinner;>

Happy Halloween, J
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Happy Halloween, M
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