Monday, December 05, 2005

Oops...didn't get home 'til 6 in the morning

The surprise Navy sweetie wanted to do Saturday was the zoo, but since I wasn't able to leave until after 5, and the zoo closed at 6, that didn't work out. So, he came up with a different surprise.

We started with dinner. I was craving Chinese, so he was going to take me to P.F. Chang's since that was close to where the new suprise was going to be. After I get to his house, he tells me that he called for reservations (around 545pm) and the earliest time available was 930pm! Four hours to wait for food wasn't going to work for us, so we ended up at a Chinese buffet place that his roommates recommended. It was delicious.

After dinner, we end up at a mall...this was not helping me figure out the "outdoor activity" surprise he had in mind. As we leave the mall to go to where we're supposed to be, he tells me that we are going ice skating. He didn't think this was something I had done before and half thought I was going to be clinging to the wall and hating him for dragging me there. Well, he was pretty far off about that. I have been ice skating at least a few times, and I don't cling to the wall and certainly don't hate it. It's pretty much like roller skating, and I used to do that every weekend in middle school, so I got to be fairly good at it. So, after I've done such a good job impressing him with my average ice-skating abilities, I get my skate caught on the ice (which was in desparate need of resurfacing) and fall flat on my back. Other than a sore hip and being covered in icy snowy stuff, I was fine and laughed it off. This was about the time we decided to stop skating and head to the movie. Immediately after we return our skates, they call everyone off the ice to send out the zamboni for resurfacing...figures;>

We saw Just Friends, which was funny with a perfectly sweet ending, of course. We have mastered the perfect cuddling position by now, too;>

After we got back to his house, there was more sweet and gentle kissing, and then he had me lay down for a back rub...very nice. Following this and a great deal more kissing, I now know that he is just as sweet and gentle a lover as he is a kisser;>

Unfortunately, I was exhausted from this night of activity and so slept for a while and didn't leave his place until after 5 and got back home just a few minutes shy of 6 in the morning. This was not what time my mom and stepdad thought I would get home...actually, they thought I would be home earlier than the night before when I got in around 3. So, now I have had to agree that I will be in by 2am in order to continue getting free babysitting, and we have to have some sort of schedule of "my" nights so that they know when they can have "their" nights. There have been plenty of nights they could have done something but didn't, so I kind of took offense to the implication that my dating has interferred with their ability to go out, but whatever. My main concern with the curfew (besides the obvious one of my being an adult and should be free to decide how much activity I squeeze into a night and how much sleep I'm willing to lose any given night) was Navy sweetie's Christmas party next Thursday because I know I wasn't planning on being home by 2. I explained this to my mother after having a discussion regarding the reason for this rule with both her and my stepdad (who thought the curfew should be midnight/1am). She said that would be fine because she would rather have us be there than driving after having been drinking. I said that was the main reason that I was upset about the curfew because I wanted to make sure that there could be exceptions made for certain events. So, now we have an agreement that will work until I am living on my own again.

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Kim said...

"besides the obvious one of my being an adult and should be free to decide how much activity I squeeze into a night and how much sleep I'm willing to lose any given night"

How about the fact that you are a parent and living under their roof? I personally would put the dating aside until I had a place of my own and arrangements more suitable to raising 2 impressionable children. Just trying to get you to possibly see their "unspoken" side of things.