Saturday, December 03, 2005

I think I'll stop calling him Navy boy...

This 24 year-old "boy", as I've referred to him, has been the best guy I've met from yahoo so far. He didn't rush into physical contact with me, which I would have thought a guy in his 20s would do more often than one in his 30s. So, after four dates, we finally kissed. After our first date ended without so much as a hug, I suspected it might have been because he was shy and wouldn't be making the first move, but after our subsequent dates, I just really believe someone taught him to be respectful and patient, which is incredibly sweet and endearing. His lips are soft, and the kisses were gentle and tender and very enjoyable. Now, I know we have physical chemistry, too, so I like him even more.

I know the Christmas party we're going to on the 15th is at a hotel on the beach and that he'll be taking the Navy's deal for a cheap room since they will be serving free alcohol;> I have a feeling that there may be more than sleeping off the booze going on that night, though.

He's also planning a snowboarding/skiing (one or the other) trip for us in January. I've never been but would be willing to try, so let's hope he continues to be a Navy sweetie;>

Oh, and we had dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill, which I adore but can never seem to find someone that likes it enough to go with me. Even though they don't have my favorite dish anymore, the chicken cannelloni that I did have was mmmmm, mmmm, good;p

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Danielle said...

Gurl this is exciting!!!
And I totaly love the Macaroni Grill!