Saturday, December 17, 2005

I had no idea it had been so long since I posted...

Sorry about that;>

Well, my boys turned two last Sunday. There was a small party thrown here at the house with my mom, stepdad (who shares their birthday), and grandparents...and of course the boys and me. They had a lot of fun and got a ton of stuff, which they will get more of in just another week;>

Navy sweetie is still in the picture, and actually things have progressed rather quickly. He has met my mom and stepdad...and even the boys! While it does feel right, it still scares me to death how quickly things have developed. I had no clue how commitment-phobic I had become until the issue was staring me in the face. So, I am not seeing anyone else anymore (and even changed my personals profile to "unavailable") because I really don't need to...and just don't have the time;> My mom and stepdad haven't spent a lot of time with him but like him so far. Boys haven't spent much time with him either but really seem to like him a lot (scary, scary, scary!). He got them a few toys for their birthday, which they opened on Monday night before we went to a movie...a Sit and Spin (glad I never ended up buying one now;>) and some Mr. Potato Head stuff, which they really enjoy (good thing, 'cause Santa's bringing more).

Wednesday night, he came to hang out at the house since I thought it wasn't a good idea to go out because my stepdad was out of town overnight. It was right about bedtime when he got there. J didn't want to go to bed at that moment, and I figured I would just take M up and come back for J, but Navy sweetie just brought him up and started helping me get them ready. He was even prepared to change J's stinky (and I do mean stinky) diaper, but I stepped in since it would go much faster for me. The boys didn't really stay asleep much that night before midnight, which is when he left, so we didn't really spend too much time together, but it was nice that he was willing to do it and would do it again whenever I want.

We went to his boat's Christmas party on Thursday night. It was a decent amount of fun even though the food was significantly less than delicious. We sat with guys that he worked with and their wives and another guy. Besides that guy, I was the oldest person at the table (not by much, just a year), but it didn't feel like it, which was very nice because I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. We went dancing afterwards at a local club that was having ladies' night. He's a pretty good dancer (better than some of the guys I danced with in GA anyway;>), so it was a lot of fun. Oh, and we were all pretty tipsy (free beer and wine), which probably upped the enjoyment of it all. And, yes, we had a lovely evening back at the hotel;>

Yesterday, we went snowboarding with a couple of his friends. It was great...I fell down all day but did manage to make it down the mountain one time, which was his goal for me. I was totally exhausted by the end of my lesson and went to the lodge to sleep for about half an hour while the guys went and acted stupid;> I'm only mildly sore from it all, but I've got some nice bruises on my knees from falling onto rock-solid ice patches (the least enjoyable falling experience of the day, I assure you). I'll probably take some pictures tonight or tomorrow when I know they're in their fullest black and blue beauty.


Danielle said...

just wanted to say hi!!! im busy today and have a half day do Ill catchya tmorrow :)---D

snowboarding sounds like so m damn gurl hope u r okay!uch fun!!!!

Danielle said...

happy belated birthday to the boys and the night after his xmas party sounded fun!!! (hotel wink,wink.)

Skyqueen said...

Ok NOW I see where the bruises came from. Me and my dirty mind. Good thing I kept reading. I'm really glad that you are having fun. Happy Bday to the boys!!