Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dare go bare?

So, my Christmas present from my mom and stepdad was laser hair removal on two areas. This is something on my wish list if I were to win a significant amount of money...could I be dreaming?!? I'm doing underarm and bikini. I currently have the basically bare with a small patch above on the bikini area. I am now struggling with whether I want to hang on to that patch or just let it go. It has dwindled in size over the years and after being completely removed for a couple months while I was pregnant and couldn't see enough area to leave a patch, it is a little spotty. So, I figure I'll let anyone who wants to chime in with their opinion while I try to decide;>

Dare I go bare?
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Leave the patch


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And we made it through Christmas 2005...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful winter holiday.

We had my stepdad's family over here on Christmas Eve. Dinner was ham, turkey, dressing, greenbean casserole (yippee!), sweet potato casserole, corn salad (really delicious), mashed potatoes with gravy, and mashed rutabaga. I was thoroughly stuffed to capacity with one serving...had to wait at least three hours before thinking about dessert;> Most of the adults did a couple of shots. Stepdad called them "orgasms", but that may not be the correct name. They had coffee liquor (like Kahlua), some kind of butterscotch-tasting liquor, vodka, and french vanilla creamer...not in that order, and I'm about 98% sure that was everything. I took mine like a shot as I was supposed to...yummy with a warm-feeling after-effect. Navy sweetie (who will now be called NS for simplicity's sake) came by just as people started leaving. It was very strange with the timing of it all...who has a party that is over in two hours when it started at 3 in the afternoon (especially when we just did some shots half an hour before)?!? He and I exchanged our Christmas presents. I got him a blue sweater from Express. I had the hardest time finding what I wanted. I knew I wanted to get him a sweater, either green or blue. I found some that I just loved but couldn't find in his size, so I ended up at Express and originally had the sweater in gray but exchanged it at a different mall for the blue. He also got me a sweater...a cream-colored Banana Republic cashmere sweater. This is ironic to me because a few days before we settled on the idea of exchanging presents he had gone shopping with one of his friends, who needed to get his wife something. We discussed the shopping trip the night of (that was the ice-skating night;>). His friend was looking at the cashmere sweaters for his wife but ended up getting an angora one instead because it was softer and about $30 cheaper. NS said that the cashmere just didn't seem special enough for the price-tag...yet this is what he decides to get me;> I remember clearly agreeing with him on the decision for angora over cashmere and cashmere not being worth its expensiveness, even elaborating on the fact that I'd owned angora sweaters myself that were wonderfully soft. I couldn't help but wonder what the message was supposed to be - You like me more than your friend likes his wife? or Simply trying to buy the best as he would for himself...that's probably really what was going on, but it still seems very funny to me;> At any rate, I am sure he spent at least double what I spent on his (which was nearly double what I had wanted to spend), and that just seems like a lot for someone he's been dating for like 6 weeks...maybe, I really think it's more like 5. Anyway...Christmas day was a whirlwind of sorts. Presents at home in morning, more presents at home with stepsister in afternoonm, then even more presents and dinner at my grandma's house. Boys got a ton of stuff and actually got tired of opening gifts during the morning session, so I had to unwrap for them as well as me...could certainly think of worse problems to have;>

So, here are some pictures of M and J over the Christmas weekend.

First...the reindeer
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A very unenthusiastic santa child (M)...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Fisher Price Pop-Onz (way more fun than Legos, in my opinion) Engineer (J)...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And finally, two of the coolest toddlers ever...
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I have determined my camera is not good at capturing bruises...

But here they are anyway, my bruised knees. At least they don't really hurt anymore;>

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I had no idea it had been so long since I posted...

Sorry about that;>

Well, my boys turned two last Sunday. There was a small party thrown here at the house with my mom, stepdad (who shares their birthday), and grandparents...and of course the boys and me. They had a lot of fun and got a ton of stuff, which they will get more of in just another week;>

Navy sweetie is still in the picture, and actually things have progressed rather quickly. He has met my mom and stepdad...and even the boys! While it does feel right, it still scares me to death how quickly things have developed. I had no clue how commitment-phobic I had become until the issue was staring me in the face. So, I am not seeing anyone else anymore (and even changed my personals profile to "unavailable") because I really don't need to...and just don't have the time;> My mom and stepdad haven't spent a lot of time with him but like him so far. Boys haven't spent much time with him either but really seem to like him a lot (scary, scary, scary!). He got them a few toys for their birthday, which they opened on Monday night before we went to a movie...a Sit and Spin (glad I never ended up buying one now;>) and some Mr. Potato Head stuff, which they really enjoy (good thing, 'cause Santa's bringing more).

Wednesday night, he came to hang out at the house since I thought it wasn't a good idea to go out because my stepdad was out of town overnight. It was right about bedtime when he got there. J didn't want to go to bed at that moment, and I figured I would just take M up and come back for J, but Navy sweetie just brought him up and started helping me get them ready. He was even prepared to change J's stinky (and I do mean stinky) diaper, but I stepped in since it would go much faster for me. The boys didn't really stay asleep much that night before midnight, which is when he left, so we didn't really spend too much time together, but it was nice that he was willing to do it and would do it again whenever I want.

We went to his boat's Christmas party on Thursday night. It was a decent amount of fun even though the food was significantly less than delicious. We sat with guys that he worked with and their wives and another guy. Besides that guy, I was the oldest person at the table (not by much, just a year), but it didn't feel like it, which was very nice because I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. We went dancing afterwards at a local club that was having ladies' night. He's a pretty good dancer (better than some of the guys I danced with in GA anyway;>), so it was a lot of fun. Oh, and we were all pretty tipsy (free beer and wine), which probably upped the enjoyment of it all. And, yes, we had a lovely evening back at the hotel;>

Yesterday, we went snowboarding with a couple of his friends. It was great...I fell down all day but did manage to make it down the mountain one time, which was his goal for me. I was totally exhausted by the end of my lesson and went to the lodge to sleep for about half an hour while the guys went and acted stupid;> I'm only mildly sore from it all, but I've got some nice bruises on my knees from falling onto rock-solid ice patches (the least enjoyable falling experience of the day, I assure you). I'll probably take some pictures tonight or tomorrow when I know they're in their fullest black and blue beauty.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

He can't really be that stupid...yeah, I guess he can

IFKAMH flew in today for a job interview. He called from Atlanta and asked if I was going to pick him up or if he'd need to rent a car. I said I didn't have enough gas to go to the airport nor enough money to get enough gas, so he'd better rent the car. He was expecting me to be excited for him to be here and to want to see him...not quite. I told him that I wasn't sure I wanted to see him while he was here. Besides...I'd made plans to hang out with Navy sweetie this afternoon since he'd get off work early after having had duty yesterday. So, he starts calling me around 1230 when he arrives at the airport. I don't answer since I'm getting ready to go meet Navy sweetie. I call him back around 130 to tell him that I wouldn't have time to meet him before his interview since I've got errands to run for my mom. He asked if we could meet afterwards. I simply told him to call me then, and I'd let him know. He called a few times while I was with Navy sweetie, and then my phone started dying, so I turned it off. So, I managed to avoid him. We certainly had an interesting conversation tonight (while he's stuck here because of problems with the plane). He really doesn't get it. He seems to believe that I could just forgive what happened and be happy that he wants to work things out now. I told him he's just going to have to work very hard at proving he's the kind of man I'd like to be married to, and if my feelings for him change as a result, then we can work things out, but that will be an unlikely possibility in my mind. So, I said some things that he considered to be harsh, but they are only the truth and what I really feel. I don't imagine that I could ever be happily married to him again. I think I would always be questioning things, and I don't want to live like that, which is why it is very unlikely he could ever do anything that would make me think it's a good idea to take him back. He even begged me not to make this the biggest mistake of his life. I explained that I haven't done anything to him...everything that has happened between us the past 8 months and everything I feel about him now is a result of his actions. He seems to believe in his warped mind that I still love him and that I don't think I can find someone better. He even tried to convince me I should say that I don't want to be with someone else...yeah, right. I would love to be with someone else that wouldn't even contemplate doing the things he's done to me and his children.

Anyway, IFKAMH got the job, so I guess he will be moving here after he gets a new car and a place to live.

Navy sweetie and I had an even more enjoyable time this afternoon (for me anyhow...I know he was tired afterwards, which I think is a good thing for a guy;>) and will be exchanging Christmas gifts this year...I think I have a potential boyfriend in him (never would've imagined);>

Monday, December 05, 2005

Look...I found a new quiz;>

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I got a package in the mail this weekend from my former mother-in-law. One of the items for me was a pair of light-up reindeer antlers. They were meant to be able to distract and entertain the boys long enough to snap a couple pictures of them in the elf hats that she sent for them, but once I put them on, M wanted to wear them himself...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Could you believe such a sweet-looking child would have been capable of attacking me with a rattle earlier that morning? He hit me right in the face with the rattle, causing a lot of pain and leaving a beautiful mark...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In case that one isn't clear enough, here it is highlighted with a red box (gosh it looks so much worse in person since the camera is too blurry that close to my face)...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

While I don't think he actually inteded to cause me any pain, he still lost his rattle privileges for the day;>

Oops...didn't get home 'til 6 in the morning

The surprise Navy sweetie wanted to do Saturday was the zoo, but since I wasn't able to leave until after 5, and the zoo closed at 6, that didn't work out. So, he came up with a different surprise.

We started with dinner. I was craving Chinese, so he was going to take me to P.F. Chang's since that was close to where the new suprise was going to be. After I get to his house, he tells me that he called for reservations (around 545pm) and the earliest time available was 930pm! Four hours to wait for food wasn't going to work for us, so we ended up at a Chinese buffet place that his roommates recommended. It was delicious.

After dinner, we end up at a mall...this was not helping me figure out the "outdoor activity" surprise he had in mind. As we leave the mall to go to where we're supposed to be, he tells me that we are going ice skating. He didn't think this was something I had done before and half thought I was going to be clinging to the wall and hating him for dragging me there. Well, he was pretty far off about that. I have been ice skating at least a few times, and I don't cling to the wall and certainly don't hate it. It's pretty much like roller skating, and I used to do that every weekend in middle school, so I got to be fairly good at it. So, after I've done such a good job impressing him with my average ice-skating abilities, I get my skate caught on the ice (which was in desparate need of resurfacing) and fall flat on my back. Other than a sore hip and being covered in icy snowy stuff, I was fine and laughed it off. This was about the time we decided to stop skating and head to the movie. Immediately after we return our skates, they call everyone off the ice to send out the zamboni for resurfacing...figures;>

We saw Just Friends, which was funny with a perfectly sweet ending, of course. We have mastered the perfect cuddling position by now, too;>

After we got back to his house, there was more sweet and gentle kissing, and then he had me lay down for a back rub...very nice. Following this and a great deal more kissing, I now know that he is just as sweet and gentle a lover as he is a kisser;>

Unfortunately, I was exhausted from this night of activity and so slept for a while and didn't leave his place until after 5 and got back home just a few minutes shy of 6 in the morning. This was not what time my mom and stepdad thought I would get home...actually, they thought I would be home earlier than the night before when I got in around 3. So, now I have had to agree that I will be in by 2am in order to continue getting free babysitting, and we have to have some sort of schedule of "my" nights so that they know when they can have "their" nights. There have been plenty of nights they could have done something but didn't, so I kind of took offense to the implication that my dating has interferred with their ability to go out, but whatever. My main concern with the curfew (besides the obvious one of my being an adult and should be free to decide how much activity I squeeze into a night and how much sleep I'm willing to lose any given night) was Navy sweetie's Christmas party next Thursday because I know I wasn't planning on being home by 2. I explained this to my mother after having a discussion regarding the reason for this rule with both her and my stepdad (who thought the curfew should be midnight/1am). She said that would be fine because she would rather have us be there than driving after having been drinking. I said that was the main reason that I was upset about the curfew because I wanted to make sure that there could be exceptions made for certain events. So, now we have an agreement that will work until I am living on my own again.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I think I'll stop calling him Navy boy...

This 24 year-old "boy", as I've referred to him, has been the best guy I've met from yahoo so far. He didn't rush into physical contact with me, which I would have thought a guy in his 20s would do more often than one in his 30s. So, after four dates, we finally kissed. After our first date ended without so much as a hug, I suspected it might have been because he was shy and wouldn't be making the first move, but after our subsequent dates, I just really believe someone taught him to be respectful and patient, which is incredibly sweet and endearing. His lips are soft, and the kisses were gentle and tender and very enjoyable. Now, I know we have physical chemistry, too, so I like him even more.

I know the Christmas party we're going to on the 15th is at a hotel on the beach and that he'll be taking the Navy's deal for a cheap room since they will be serving free alcohol;> I have a feeling that there may be more than sleeping off the booze going on that night, though.

He's also planning a snowboarding/skiing (one or the other) trip for us in January. I've never been but would be willing to try, so let's hope he continues to be a Navy sweetie;>

Oh, and we had dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill, which I adore but can never seem to find someone that likes it enough to go with me. Even though they don't have my favorite dish anymore, the chicken cannelloni that I did have was mmmmm, mmmm, good;p

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Couldn't have a better excuse than that...

Remember the Friday-night-guy that I thought had written me off as a tease? Well, as it turns out, one of his friends died. So, looks like he really meant it when he said he'd like to go on a second date, and we're going to plan something for next week.

And since he may start to become a regular on here, a picture;>

I am so pissed at my phone...

I guess it's the phone...or maybe "the network" isn't as great with text message deliveries as it is for phone calls.

I missed a text from Navy boy yesterday saying that he was going to rest up so that we could have fun this weekend (that was the general idea anyhow). But, we ended up chatting online last night, so it wasn't too big a deal. We are going to dinner and a comedy club tomorrow night, and he's surprising me on Saturday. I think it may be a zoo since his hint was that it involves animals, and I know it's outside since he said I'd need a coat. Don't have to wait too long to find out at least. And he's invited me to be his date for his boat's Christmas party on the 15th. He called me this afternoon to ask. I'm sure it'll be fun, so I accepted, of course;>

Tonight, I found out I missed another message on Monday from my Navy kayaker about us getting together this week. I'd thought he had been busy or was trying to give me a hint (although it was his suggestion we get together after his trip), and now I find out that he thought I was trying to give him a hint:( Now, I've got plans tomorrow night and Saturday with Navy boy, and my mom has a Christmas party on Sunday, so I won't be able to see him until next week.