Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yeah...this is a REAL nice guy...

That title is drenched in sarcasm, by the way;>

To give you the background of the instant messenger conversation below...this guy contacted me a week ago. He just sent me an IM through Yahoo Personals. He finally let me see his yahoo profile...everything looked alright, but he had "I'll tell you later" for his height. Well, he's 5'5". Trying not to be too superficial, even though I don't see myself being able to have a relationship with someone less than 5'8" (and that's very borderline), I continued to talk with him. It gets to the point that he wants to talk on the phone. I don't want to give my number to him but said he could give me his number. Now, this was the night before my last date with the 31 year-old kayaker. I told this new guy that I had a date the next night but should be able to call him on Thursday. Now, I put his number in my phone...at least I thought this is what I did. I start to call him on Thursday while I was on my way to pick up my boys and find his number is not in my phone. I sent him an IM that night (actually it was a response to his message to me, although I wasn't online, that said the date must have been really good since he didn't hear from me) explaining that I didn't have his number in my phone like I thought but that I would try to call the next day since I should still have the paper on which I originally wrote the number down. Well, as it turned out, my mom and I spent the day shopping on Friday (just like we had done on Thursday after my interview), so I didn't get a chance to call during the day...and I had thrown out the paper that had his number on it. I sent him an IM Friday as well explaining this, and he seemed to be okay with it and gave me the number again. This time I checked my phone a couple times to ensure that it did save. We chatted a bit that night before he went to rent a movie with his friend. Before the conversation ended, I said that I wouldn't be able to call on Saturday because I knew I was going to be busy (grocery shopping, errands, and the date with Navy boy) but that Sunday should work for me.

Now, Friday night, he sends me a message (while I'm offline) asking if I didn't get the number this time. Then, he sends me three messages on Saturday (while I'm offline) asking if we're still getting together this weekend, asking if I'm trying to blow him off, and asking if he should stop talking to me because this was getting embarrassing (yes, it was). Sunday ended up being busy for me, too, since I went out with Navy boy again, so I didn't get a chance to call, and I was getting a little weirded out by his offline messages to me, so I didn't send him a message because I didn't know what I wanted to say...afterall, he seemed to think that we had made some sort of plans that I never knew about and despite my clearly stating that I had a busy day planned Saturday, he felt it necessary to send me messages as though I should have been online or should have called him. Yesterday morning I had another message from him asking if this was supposed to be a hint. My response was that it wasn't but I was reconsidering meeting him. The following is what took place after I sent him that message (his username was changed since I am really a nice person):

short man: How come all of a sudden the change of mind?
short man: Something I did? Maybe it will help me figure out why women keep doing this?
woowoo: Well, I am still seeing the other guy that I went out with last week...we've made plans to see each other again when he gets back in town after the holiday...but something I would suggest you work on is being less persistent...most women, like myself, are more attracted to a man with confidence...being so persistent makes you seem a little insecure, impatient, and even a little desperate (all turn-offs for me a[nd] probably most other women)...the attention is flattering, but most of your messages sounded as if you didn't think you could hold my attention rather than just saying hi...you also read more into some things i said than what was written...
woowoo: like you thought we had made plans to get together this past weekend when all i had written was that i probably couldnt call you on saturday because i knew i had a busy day but that sunday might be better...as it turned out, sunday was also busy for me
woowoo: so, i just dont think we are going to be a good match, which is why i've changed my mind about meeting...i hope you understand...i wish you the best of luck in finding the woman that's right for you because you seem like a nice and caring man but just not the right type of personality to mesh with mine
short man: Funny I drink once a month {what...when did I mention drinking??}.. however that last girl that blew me off told me I paid too much attention to her and that I was too confident almost borderline cocky and I acted to her the same way I act to you. I was always told if you are interested in someone show them.. anyway I can see why they call it a dating game. I can also see your very quick to pass judgement and you say I read into things.. you basically read into me and everything I did.. which is coo.. you turned out to be like every other woman around here which solidifies my theory on VA women.. but thanks for wishing me luck.
short man: I was definitly not insecure and worried about hodling your attention.. If you paid me any and kept your word it would have been different. You throw mad mixed signals and you are flakey as hell. I would say that guy your seeing is lucky but he isnt. How is this for confident.. Your a single mom (dime a dozen) in the pregnancy captiol of VA {don't know how this applies to me as I didn't even get pregnant here, and I was married when I got pregnant...guess he forgot about my telling him these things}. Chances are I was the best guy that will come along the shit spot town of {my town} to pick you up..There is a reason your a sigle mom with two kids who still plays games at her age and this guy will see it like the rest and youll end up single again browsing yahoo personals in hope of finding someone who cant handle your mixed up self Good luck to you {Woo Woo}. If I sound bitter.. I am extremely tired of women like you.
woowoo: well, you definitely sound bitter...i'm really sorry you've had such a rough time finding the woman that's right for you (try finding the one that you think is right and building a life with her only to find out you were very wrong and have your life crumble around you and having to pick up the pieces and start over when you haven't really done anything like this before...because that is what i've done)...you have only proven to me that we are not a good match because while i was only trying to tell you my reasons for changing my mind (since you asked) and then wished you well in the future because you "seemed" like a nice and caring man...you have done exactly the opposite, so maybe i was wrong about that, too...
woowoo: and i don't see how being a busy mom that can't be online when you are or find enough time to call you right away and just generally being honest with you means i'm playing games...i would say i'm sorry that i couldn't call when i originally promised, but i guess i'm not afterall...everything happens for a reason is what i've always believed
short man: Well I am nice but you wont know that. However should I be nice to someone who said she was going to call 4 times and didnt even send a quick message? I doubt you do that to the guy your dating now. I asked you before. If your too busy just let me know. but i was raised with something called common courtesy. Maybe your used to scumbag guys, however if you tell someone you are going to do something. You follow through. Im a simple guy and I am nice but you have been pretty mean to me, so I am sorry you didnt get the nice side. Im sorry your life crumbled around you, That isnt my fault though and all I wanted to do was take you out. You didnt give me a very fair chance. You didnt get to know me, and you passed judgemtn on me unfairly so your right.. things happen for a reason
short man: I definitly am done meeting women online becuase they have more issues then the ones you meet at bars!

Now maybe it's just me, but I highly doubt that any woman would have thought the kind of messages he sent me before these showed any kind of confidence...all of his offline messages to me seemed to imply that he thought he wasn't keeping my attention or that I was blowing him off. I'm sure he's really just a nice guy like he claims...who wouldn't think that about a guy who basically says that a woman is a single mom because she's a horrible person and that she'll never find a good relationship just because she is no longer convinced that he might be a good match for her?!? Seems like he's got quite a few issues of his own, like learning to read and count properly (I did not promise to call 4 times...only 3, and I did explain to him as soon as possible each time, except the last, why I couldn't call). Whew...guess I rescued myself with this one;> Needless to say, he's now among the "ignore list" on my yahoo messenger.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

The comment deleted above was from one of my not-so-loving anonymous posters. I really would like them to be able to continue commenting because it seems to be a worthwhile pasttime for them (and other anonymous posters are more loving), but if personal information about me is published here again, I will remove your abilities to comment on this blog.

I don't care that you bothered to take the time to find my personals profile, but you should have allowed others to do the same if they so desired to spend the time on it...now the rest of your insightful comment is lost;>

Anonymous said...

You're the idiot who posted your personals profile ID on your blog. I knew you were below average intelligence, but damn, you really went out of your way to prove it.

As far as your profile, it's no surpise you attract such losers. You practically guarantee that you'll give it up after a couple of beers.

And don't worry, you can disable anonymous comments if you'd like -- it only takes 2 seconds to set up a fake Blogger profile.

Danielle said...


First off I want to say I have had some really mean and nasty people hit my blog and say things I couldn't even think of and would never think of or say, they were that nasty. There's not much you can do, just ignore it. I always wonder why people need to be so nasty, I mean only visit a blog if your going to be supportive or have something nice to say. I say if they are nasty to you for no reason they have something fucked up about themselves, and if they post a nasty comment, leave it there, its a reflection of them.

Gurl I love reading your man updates!!!

Have a great thanksgiving. And remember only supportive people of you count.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Love ya, danielle;> The deleted anonymous comment wasn't any nastier or meaner than the one that is there now, but it provided the link to my personals profile on yahoo...which contains certain information about me that I prefer keep away from my blog, so that is the reason it got deleted.

Anonymous, I left my name unchanged because it never occurred to me that someone would be so obsessed with me as to take the time to think, "Maybe that's her personals name...let me go look it up and put the link to it on her blog." I really didn't care if you (or anyone else, for that matter) wanted to waste time trying to figure out if that was my personals name...and if you wanted to go look it up, good for you (if you're going to take the time, then you're welcome to the information that's there). I just don't think you need to make it any easier for others to get the information. You also seem to possess short man's ability to read things that aren't written. I don't drink beer, and last time I checked, laughing/giggling doesn't equate to getting laid.;>

Eunice said...

I'm sooooo tired of insecure men that read more into things than are really there, and then get defensive when you tell them it's not like that.