Sunday, November 27, 2005

We were supposed to go to grandma's house for my family's Thanksgiving...

Instead, I spent four hours of my day at the urgent care clinic with M this morning/afternoon. He has an infection in both ears. My poor baby was just so miserable this weekend.

It started on Friday when I got a call from daycare to come pick him up because he just wasn't acting like himself. My mom and I had been shopping, so we arrived at the daycare together to find him sleeping on a little bean-bag chair, pale as could be. He didn't even want to wake up. When we got home, he was given some medicine and then a few crackers to eat. He promptly vomitted a few minutes later...all over himself, his puppy (God forbid anything happen to this one-eared, nose-coming-off, stuffed puppy so that he doesn't have it at bedtime), and me;> He stayed in on Saturday and seemed in good enough spirits, but this morning, he was definitely not well...completely drained of his normal over-abundance of toddler energy. He just wanted to lay on me. So, I took him to urgent care around 10:30 this morning, thinking that I'd be early enough to be able to get him home in time for nap if not lunch...yeah, right. The place was packed. I got one of two empty seats when I arrived. No matter how many people got called back and left, the place just filled right back up. They began bringing out additional chairs to accommodate the crowd. M decided he was tired of sitting in a chair with me and preferred to now sit in my lap on the floor, so that is what we did. This still left the place full...unbelievable. I guess they did not plan for a busy day (don't they know everyone gets sick and injured during holiday weekends when doctors aren't available?!?) because there was only one doctor on duty for the first two and half hours of our three hour wait to be called to the back. So, abour four hours after I left the house with him, we arrive home with another hour wait from the pharmacy for the prescriptions to be ready;>

So, I go back to the pharmacy after the hour is up to get M's drugs. Now I am told that they have been unable to confirm prescription coverage for him. I only have an insurance card that IFKAMH sent, no prescription card. I remember this issue before about there being a separate company for prescription billing, so I dig out my paper copy of the insurance information from the sickness of the summer and give her the prescription company. She calls but still can't get the confirmation...terrific! Oh, by the way, since I dropped off in the drive-thru, I went to pick up in the drive-thru...knowing this when I left the house, I was wearing fuzzy green slippers as I stand at the pharmacy counter for approximately half an hour trying to get IFKAMH on the phone and help the pharmacy tech get the confirmation so I don't have to pay full price;> Well, I ended up having to pay full price ($158.98 for an anitbiotic and a cough medicine!!) with the option to come back within 7 days with the information they need to bill the insurance and get a refund.

Thankfully, IFKAMH took my calls seriously and called me shortly after I got back from the pharmacy, so I now have the information they need and can return tomorrow to take care of it, but what a pain...all I wanted was to make a quick trip to be able to get the drugs to make my little man feel better. They better work;>


Danielle said...

Gurl my co workers 2 year old son gets ear infections every 2 weeks to the point where he had to get tubes in his ears. I didn't realize how frequently they get them...Anyways....afer all that atleast you will get it taken care of. Hope you had a nice thanksgiving!

Eunice said...

$160 for antibiotics and cough meds? Are you kidding me??? All the more reason for people to have matter how they can get their hands on it. What a rip off!