Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey Day went well

My boys and I spent Thanksgiving with my mom, her husband, and his family. Dinner was hosted by one of his sisters (he has 3). It was good, but I really missed cooking this year. Thanksgiving has to be my absolute favorite time to cook. I love getting the turkey and all the other ingredients and preparing a wonderful meal that will last at least a week;> I love making homemade mashed potatoes with the skin and lumps still in them. They had no greenbean casserole, which is a complete no-no for my dinner. Honestly, there was nothing green at the table except the green jello salad, which looked incredibly gross...kind of like a ball of seafoam in a glass bowl with some fruit garnish on top. The only pumpkin pie there was store-bought, and while mine isn't made from scratch, it is prepared using the perfect recipe on the Libby's can and would have been fresh from the oven. But...even though it wasn't my type of Thanksgiving dinner, it was still very good. The boys were angels, too, which was a true blessing considering they didn't take a nap during the drive down like they should have;>

5 Things I Am Very Thankful For This Year:

-Two healthy, growing boys
-Wonderful family (especially my mom and grandmother) that loves me
-My bestest friends that are really my sisters in spirit
-My health and the fact that I feel very blessed
-IFKAMH signed the paperwork!!


Missalove said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, and I love your to be thankful list!!!!! Talk to you later. I won't have internet after tomorrow, ughhhhh!!!

Danielle said...

glad u had a great thanksgiving!!!