Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Men, men, and more men...

I had two dates last Friday and one on Saturday. Neither of the guys from Friday were any of the ones posted about before. Saturday was with the Navy kayaker.

Friday afternoon...very creepy guy. We went to lunch, during most of which he stared at my hair. He has a thing for long hair and didn't even bother to try to hide his interest in mine. He's also too much of a sci-fi freak for my liking and kept implying things about meeting my children. Overall, just made me uneasy. We also went to see Chicken Little...cute and funny (not exactly what I think a man should choose for a first date).

Friday night...guy seemed nice enough. Mexican for dinner, and a movie (Derailed...thought it was much better than the newspaper review) after. We did go back to his house to hang out for a little while, and he was quite the gentleman...always asking permission. We were well-behaved, though...I really didn't want to be, and I know he didn't. But, now I think he may have thought I was a tease because I haven't heard from him since the day after...and that contact was just a message to ask for my number. Oh well, his loss if he gives up so soon.

Saturday night...quite fun. Started with drinks at a bar. His best friend ended up being there with his date (this may have been planned as his escape in case I wasn't quite who I said I was, if you know what I mean). The four of us went back to his place to drink a little cheaper...had pina coladas, which I haven't had in a while (yummy;>). We are going to a movie tomorrow night.

And on a side note...there is a married guy with a 14 month-old daughter that is trying to convince me (via instant messaging) to have an affair with him. He knows my story, so I can't understand why he think I'd even consider doing the same thing to another woman...I really don't understand the thought process of cheaters. I feel so incredibly bad for his wife because I'm sure she's as clueless as I was.

Oh, and Mr. Sexy is still making his weekly phone call to let me know he's thinking about me and would love to see me if he only had time...I didn't actually get to talk to him last time because I was talking to the Navy kayaker, but he left this info in a voicemail. Not sure what to think about it all. Mostly feels like he's just trying to stay on my good side so that he won't get rejected whenever he does decide to make the time to see me, but then again, he could have some weird idea that his being unavailable and aloof will make me want him more...that crap doesn't work on me, though, so maybe I'll try to tell him as much so he can stop it if that's his goal. I don't consider myself high-maintenance or needy, but I sure as hell need more attention than that to sustain interest in someone.

I've gotten to have a lot of choices through Yahoo. May be meeting a couple other guys in the next week or so...I'll let y'all know.


Danielle said...

Damn gurl, your doin your thing!!! We're in a shortage of men here in Philly, they are either married, gay or something is wrong with them. lol.

I want to go see Derailed so I am glad it was better than the papers said. Have a great day gurl.


I, Gladiator said...

Hi Woo-Woo! I really enjoy your blog and I can tell that you are a really special person...kind and patient...so please don't take my comments the wrong way...I share them only because you seem to be a good person...

If any man wants to be with a woman, they will. If we can make time, they can make time. If we can find them, they can find us. Mr. Sexy is being a wimp and making excuses. I am realizing now that maybe you are happier with it that way and maybe you are already aware of this but I had to share it with you.

Also, this married creep...the mere fact that you are allowing him to communicate with you is sending him a mixed message. I know that it is difficult not to feel a little bit of "vengeance" after what you've been through with IFKAMH...just be SMARTer and don't allow this guy to communicate with you. Cut him off. What a loser.

Eunice said...

You are a brave girl to be able to date -- I mean really date -- already. I go on a date, the guy is a little creepy or off, and then I hide in my apartment for two weeks and try again. I'm glad that you are keeping your options open though.

Since I can empathize with you on the cheating thing, I still don't understand why someone would ask you to be a part of that, especially when they know your story. It's just wrong.

As for Mr. Sexy, I'm glad to hear that he is still interested in you, but you're right, he's going to have to keep your interest in him too. :)

Anonymous said...

The only reason Mr. Sexy even calls you is to keep you on the back burner if he needs an emergency booty call. Because he knows you're desperate and easy and a sure thing. Please tell me you aren't clueless enough to believe he thinks any higher of you.

Why are you even communicating with a married dude who is only interested in you as a potential fuck?

Clearly, none of these man have any respect for you, but for god's sake, have a little self-respect, will you?

listen.to.the.monkee said...

Go on a date with the married man just so you can get his real name- then send his wife documents of your conversations so she can get out now & take him to the cleaner. Its the womanly thing to do. :)