Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Job Outlook...

For starters, I found the Verizon job posting. I went last week and passed the first two of three tests. I honestly don't know how I passed the second one because most of the questions made little to no sense to me and I was just doing my best guesswork. I ended up being one of 8 people to pass out of 24 that took it...and the only female. I am taking the third test on the 28th. Wish me luck;>

Yesterday's job fair was decent enough. There were a ton of employers there, but not many had good jobs available that I want. The last booth we stopped at was promising, though. I just wanted to find out who the company was because it was just initials. I ended up with an interview scheduled for this morning. The job is a help desk support position. The company has a contract with the Navy for their intranet. The interview was unlike any I've ever had. There wasn't a question asked that had anything to do with my personality. He only asked 5-7 questions about computer stuff, some I got right, some I didn't, and had me rate my expertise on different things. Since he's going to try to move ahead with the background check, I'll take that as a good sign.

I also have an interview Thursday morning with a funeral home. I'd be selling funeral packages. It pays salary plus commission, but I'm not really sure how comfortable I'd be with it...we'll see how the interview goes, I guess.

That's the latest on that aspect of life.

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GA girl said...

if the funeral thing pays well, it might work out. Would you have to wear black everyday?