Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I am a genius!

Just kidding, but I did pass the Verizon test yesterday;>

I was really worried that I'd be expected to troubleshoot some complex network problems on my own with no multiple choice answers to choose from based on what the second test I took was like. I couldn't have been more wrong and worried for no reason at all. This test was obviously testing your ability to speak on the phone and use a computer at the same time. The troubleshooting steps were all on the computer for me; I just had to answer the phone and walk the customer through the information and fill in the trouble ticket. It was incredibly easy, so I passed.

The next step was to fill out the application. Now, I just wait 10-14 days to hear back. As long as their background check isn't as unforgiving as the government one, I should be getting an interview...or a job offer;>

1 comment:

Eunice said...

You used to work for Verizon before, didn't you? So you should already have an in as well, right?

Congrats on passing the test and *good luck karma* your way to getting the job! :)