Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And now the career update...

So, my mom and I went to a job fair tonight...very disappointing for the most part. Only four companies there, two of which were of no interest to us. The other two seem okay, but then again, may turn out not to be what they're cracked up to be. We'll be attending another one next week that looks to be more promising.

I am keeping my eyes peeled for a position with some division of Verizon. The starting pay is supposed to be awesome with a full benefits package.

The substitute teaching thing is still a possiblity (waiting on my transcripts), but the pay scale kind of worries me.

And finally, I am trying to get in with a few home-based companies...not the scams, but actual companies that hire people to do work from home (like data entry and employment reference verification). I figured out that making $8/hour for 20 hours a week would leave me more money in the end than making $10/hour at 40 hours a week and having to fork over those daycare expenses.

Well, wish me luck...I would love to have a reliable income in the very near future;>


Danielle said...

good luck, u can makes good money 12-15$ an hour doing data entry, stuffing envelopes all that kinda stuff from home and the Verizon sounds like a great job to go after!

Johnny said...

good luck, sweets.

Eunice said...

What kind of job fair has only FOUR employers? Lame!

You could always look into that medical transcription stuff. i know there's a bit of training that goes into it, but it pays well and you can work whenever you want.

Good luck, whatever you end up finding!