Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Can I kill him? Pretty please? I'm sure the jury would understand...

IFKAMH is at it again. He has yet to sign the new settlement agreement...probably because I told him about the section that states child support will be taken directly from his paycheck. I didn't put it in, but I think my lawyer's paralegal did it after asking me if he had been paying anything and I responded that he had given me $175 a couple months ago but nothing else. (I have since gotten another $200 money order and the insurance card, but still not quite what he's supposed to be paying...$864 a month). So, I explained that he has not shown that he is going to pay like he's supposed to and that I wasn't going to have that section removed from the agreement because I need to be able to depend on that money every month to take care of our children since I've got over $1300 a month to pay for daycare (and after actually calculating, it's actually over $1400). He was not happy but still said he would sign the paperwork. That was about a week ago.

My grandmother hired movers to pack and move my stuff out of the FL house and store it here in VA until I have my own place. This happened Saturday...as of Saturday night, there was nothing but unwanted items and items to repair the house left. Sunday afternoon, IFKAMH calls. He asks where everything in the house is. I told him it was moved out. He got a bit upset that his stuff was gone. I responded with some hostility of my own since he hadn't told me he was going to be going to get his stuff. I asked why he would think he could just go and get anything out of the house when he didn't even have a key. He thought that the electricity would be on and that he'd be able to go in through the garage. To which I respond: don't you think I might have disabled the garage door opener before I left in July so that you wouldn't be able to just come in and take stuff and leave me without anything?!? He asks if he's going to have to come to VA to get his stuff. I said since he moved out without taking anything and has been back to the house since then and still didn't take anything, the stuff is mine, and if he wants anything, then he will have to come to VA and go through me.

I left a message yesterday and today asking if the papers had been signed and reminding him to do it soon if he hasn't done it.

He should probably be more careful about how he treats me and may want to go ahead and get those papers back to me...otherwise, I will resort to threats. I know where he is and where his vehicle is and where he works, so I can very easily let his finance company know how they can repossess his truck. I'd rather not cause him to lose his truck because I don't want it to interfere with his being able to work, but I'm getting desparate.

I still can't believe he has the nerve to act like I owe him something after everything he's done...and not done.

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Eunice said...

Oh my gosh, can you and I totally relate to each other or what?

Why is it that these men walk out of our lives and then act like we are completely out of line for treating them like the assholes they are? I don't get why he thinks that he gets to call any of the shots at all.

If you have to stoop low enough to threats, do it. If taking care of his sons isn't motivation enough, perhaps his independence and desire to eat and have a roof over his head will be.