Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yeah, I still want him

The meeting with Mr. Sexy on Thursday went very well. I almost thought it wasn't going to happen, though.

He had emailed me that morning to let me know he would call between 11am and noon when he was heading in my direction. 12:30pm came, and I still hadn't heard a word from him, so I sent a text to his phone..."running late?" I decided to leave the house since I'm all dressed and ready to go somewhere and go to the mall to walk around. While I'm there, I give GA Girl a call...I needed to tell someone how thoroughly confused by this I was. Why would someone so eager to meet me as of that morning be delaying our meeting or blowing me off? While I was talking with her, though, he called.

He has been in a three-week interview process with a company that he really wants to work with because the job is one that he won't find again anytime soon. The meeting with these people took longer than he thought, which was the reason he was running late and didn't call. We agreed to meet at a Mexican restaurant for lunch since neither of us had eaten.

We arrived within seconds of each other (he was there driver;>). He is just as cute and sexy in person as his pictures are...and he said he thought the same about me (well, actually he said I was better in person). We had a great lunch...he speaks Spanish, which he used to order our food and speak with the staff. The conversation was great, and I just can't help but feel he is not at all like IFKAMH or the Airforce guy...not selfish. I just hope that feeling isn't wrong.

So, we decide to drive out to a local beach. It could only have been more perfect if there weren't gnats gnawing at us and if there hadn't been this guy hoping to get a peep show (although we only figured out that was what he was doing when we left). The area we went to was basically empty...not so far away from other people that they couldn't have heard me scream for help, but far enough that we felt alone. The waves were crashing on the rocks, which was such a relaxing and romantic sound. He was a gentleman and didn't try to coerce me into anything more than what I was comfortable doing. I did have to move his hand a couple times in other directions, but he didn't try to force the issue or try to pursue it again and didn't say anything at all about it (things I would have expected to hear: "come on", "why not?", "you know you want to", etc). I did get to experience a couple of things he wrote about, so I can only imagine how well he must be able to do the rest of it. We had such a nice time together that we completely underestimated how long we had been enjoying each other. What we thought had been 30, maybe 45 minutes was really like an hour and a half;>

Overall, we clicked just as well in person as we had in writing, and some really good news...he's 30, not 25 (big sigh of relief on my part). And best of all, even though he would have liked more physical contact with me (still the unselfish kind...his pleasing me instead of the other way around), I managed to hold my ground, and he still went home with a grin from ear to ear. I learn quickly;>

And on a side note...I have come to the conclusion that I appear to be Spanish, at least partially. When I lived in FL, where the Hispanic population is prominent and growing, I often encountered people who could speak English but thought I would understand the Spanish for some reason. One of the first questions asked by both Airforce drummer and Mr. Sexy upon meeting me in person was if I had any Spanish heritage. I will take this as a great compliment since I think Spanish women tend to be beautiful...remember #1 on my list of lady-loves?


shweta said...

read ur last date with this guy. i'm so happy for u that it went the way u wanted it to be. i hope u have more good ones like these... maybe even better and i hope this may be the man of ur dreams.lots of luck

Eunice said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad that it went great. I had a feeling it would, just from the things that you wrote about him. I'm so happy for you, and that you may have found a guy that will kiss the ground you walk on if asked. You can't beat that. :)

the dysfunctional one said...

Hello Woo-Woo!!

I had to leave a comment...I have been reading your blog for quite some time and really enjoy the way you write and your honesty and ability to face life with a positive attitude. And I just wanted to say that I am happy for you...look how far you've come...and you are doing so well. I hope everything you deserve comes your way.

..and now...back into the dark corners I go!

Michele in Michigan said...

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!! So happy that this date (an Mr. Sexy) turned out to be all that you'd hoped!!

I will keep my fingers crossed that all continues to go well. It's nice to "see" a smile on your face!!!!!!!!

I am grinning from ear to ear FOR you!!


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