Monday, October 03, 2005

Strike Three...he's OUT

As if Friday's ending wasn't bad enough.

Background on this part: Airforce drummer had originally wanted to make plans for us to go to his friend's surprise birthday party on Saturday. This event was mentioned on Thursday as our possible "get together" for the weekend. Friday he was wondering about what I was doing that night, which since I didn't have plans, we went out...and the prior scene was what transpired. Nothing was mentioned again about Saturday's birthday party invite...

He calls me and leaves a message Saturday morning saying that he hoped I had fun the night before and that I got home safely (which was another thing that bothered me...why didn't he ask that I call him to make sure I got home safely from his house?). I returned the call and left him a message saying that I did have fun (and I did, until the end) and that I got home around 1:30am.

He calls me on Sunday morning...another message (because he only has my cell number which doesn't get much reception in the house) saying that he would like to get together again soon. I return the call later in the afternoon, around 3pm. He answers and tells me about the previous day and how he was busy helping set up for the surprise party and how the guy had a great time and he got home early, around 10 pm, because he was still tired from our excitement on Friday. He mentions getting together later after he gets home from the beach since he'd like to see me again before he has to go back to work for the week (I'm sure he would;>). I said that sounded fine. He agreed to call me when he got home...probably a couple of hours.


So, unless he was in some sort of horrible accident on the way home or died there on the beach...this bachelor is out of the game.


Nessa said...

thank goodness...I just had a sinking feeling that the only reason he wanted to do it again was so that he could "get it" again - slimeball!

GA girl said...

avoid him. He is a user. you don't need another one of those.

Michele in Michigan said...

I agree with Nessa and GA girl.

What a dick. He has "narcissist" written all over him. Probably thought that his looks and physique could get him through this, even though his personality screams "I SUCK AT BEING A CONSIDERATE HUMAN BEING!!"

Oooooo--my word verification is hadrmixrub LOLOL