Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sorry, y'all...

Sorry it's been so long since I've's taking a little more adjustment than I thought to get used to working full-time again.

The job's going alright. I haven't sold any ads...yet;> I have a few callbacks to make tomorrow, so let's cross our fingers that someone will take the bait.

I am seriously pissed at my attorney's paralegal. Because IFKAMH makes more money than what I originally thought, he has to sign a new agreement with a higher child support amount. This new agreement was supposed to have been done on Monday, and Tuesday by noon, and Wednesday, and get the picture. I still haven't seen it, and it still has yet to be signed. Everything better be done tomorrow morning, or I will be raising hell as much as I can because the longer she drags her feet, the longer I have to wait to sell my FL house.

I just found out tonight that my mom's husband is getting tired of having me and the boys living in his house, so I may be apartment hunting soon, which sucks because I will probably have to sign at least a 7 month lease, which means that's more time I have to wait to own something here. Needless to say, she is supremely mad, but she is still job hunting herself and needs him financially. I could sense that he was not really happy about us being here still because he has been more moody lately and more knitpicky about little anal-rententive stuff...some stuff that wasn't even true, like that I don't ever wash dishes when I generally wash dishes at least once a day if my boys or I have eaten at the house (the only time I don't clean up dishes after their meals is after dinner because my mom has told me repeatedly not to since I have to get the boys ready for bed). So, while I'm excited about being able to have a place of my own, I wish I knew for certain that I could wait until my house was sold or that I could at least wait until after my training period with the new job is over because the training pay sucks!

Mr. Sexy and I talked again Thursday morning...if I thought my commute in FL was bad at an hour and 10-15 minutes, he's got it worse. His trip in the morning is about the same, but his trip home takes anywhere from an hour and half to two hours, but he said he doesn't mind it right now because he's really excited about the job...and he does sound pretty enthused about it. I still say they had better be paying him a nice base salary for that kind of driving;> So, it looks as though we are looking at weekends only as far as availability goes for us to see each other.

That's the latest...I'll try not to make it too long between posts again;>


Danielle said...

Hey gurl whas up just wanted to stop in and say hey have a good day!

Eunice said...

I hope that they get their crap together soon so that you can get your house sold and not have to rent in the interim. Not only that, but to finalize your divorce and wash your hands of the ex.