Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I may be cut out for this afterall...

Well, I sold two ads Monday and one yesterday (all the most expensive one we offer)...of course, I didn't sell any today since I could have actually gotten a few dollars in cash for it;> But, since my three ads sold this week total over $1500, I get a free 25-30 lb turkey right before Thanksgiving! I don't even think my mom and her husband are hosting Thanksgiving. I think one of his sisters is...hopefully, she'll appreciate my contribution (or maybe we'll save the turkey for another time).

Even better news, step-dad changed his mind about my moving out. He apologized and got all teary-eyed Monday night after dinner...saying that he's just sweatin' the small stuff too much and will try to do better because he doesn't think it's wise for me to throw money away renting if I don't really have to.

And best news of lawyer's assistant finally started answering her calls again and working on my divorce again. When I talked to her yesterday, she had lost IFKAMH's financial worksheet. It was like pulling teeth to get him to fill it out in the first place, so the fact that she lost this document out of everything really concerned me...but as of today, she has FOUND IT!!!! So, the divorce is back on track and all papers should be able to be signed by the end of the week and into the courts next week...woo-hoo!!

See, I only took 3 days to post again instead of five;>


Danielle said...

Gurl things are sounded good for you. I'm happy for you gurl. Now wheres the men updates? ((LAUGH))

GA girl said...

Stay on top of her about it though. I'd keep calling daily for updates regardless.