Friday, September 09, 2005

What's wrong now?!?

Well, J had more diarrhea Wednesday afternoon and into the night. It was really bad...constant diaper changes, and the stuff is green:x
I went to work yesterday morning pretty sure that I'd be called by the daycare to come pick him up before the day was over. And I did get the call, but it was for M, not J. M was running a fever of about 101. I'm not sure what to think. They act alright...M's a little sluggish but otherwise in a good mood. The green crap leaking from J's rearend doesn't seem to bother him in the least...the severe diaper rash that has left his cheeks raw does, but he just lets it get worse since he doesn't do anything or say anything to indicate he's dirty (he's been going so much I don't think the smell is strong enough anymore) because he doesn't want to be wiped and just sits in the stuff that caused the rash in the first place. So, they were fine for two days, and now, I don't even know. M was 100.5 before his bath last night and was shivering when he got out of the bath. I had to bundle him up just to go back to get his brother out of the tub. He woke up with a 100.7 temp. this morning. It came down with medicine, but I'm still worried. And I thought J might be getting better since he didn't have diarrhea last night or this morning, but my hope was crushed when I changed his diaper before naptime. To make me even more upset, IFKAMH didn't bother to put the boys on his insurance for the entire week he's known I needed him to, let alone the whole day yesterday after I called him yesterday morning explaining that they are NOT better and will need to go to the doctor. I called him in tears last night begging him to do it first thing in the morning because this could be very serious and most places won't even treat you without insurance and those that do don't always provide the best of care. I finally got the information from him a few minutes ago, so we'll be taking a trip to the children's hospital shortly.

In the meantime, I'm in a picture posting mood and wanted to show off my sickly boys;>

J taking his nap yesterday afternoon
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J looking all happy despite really being sick
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M getting ready to go to sleep last night
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It's quite obvious M doesn't feel 100%
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Hope to have some better news soon.


Skyqueen said...

Man!! Reading your blog just reasures me that I'm NO where near ready to have kids, if ever. I don't know how you manage!! and by yourself. Your are super women and I mean that. I don't think I'd be able to handle it and hold down a job and look fab in shoes like you do. I just wanted to say YOU GO!! and seriously cute pictures!! I'm know they are worth it!

wowed.monkee said...

Two boys- diaper time must be a bear. They are gonna be hotties though.

david said...

aw i hope they feel better!!

Danielle said...

gurl i hope the lil guys feel better!

Nessa said...

they are so freakin' adorable - seriously! i'm sorry they're sickly!