Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well, I'm going to try to give him the benefit of the doubt...for now

Airforce drummer is going to get to meet me tomorrow afternoon...still not sure if we're supposed to be eating or drinking, but whatever.

I didn't call him this afternoon, and a little before 1pm, he emailed me. It said he hoped I wasn't mad about last night and still wanted to see me tomorrow. My response was that I wasn't mad but very cautious, having been deceived in my previous relationship. The next email gave his explanation that his cell dropped the call. I can believe this as I have the same service provider, and their reception here truly bites. My suspicion came from the fact that I had no contact from him until this morning...he could have so easily have emailed me last night, but I suppose it is possible that he just didn't think of it (although this reasoning still doesn't cast a favorable light on him). Anyhow, he wanted me to call him after he got off work @ 4pm.

I called tonight around 8:30. Nothing weird happened, and he seemed genuinely disheartened that this caused such a problem. So, we have agreed to meet tomorrow afternoon at the Mexican place, which my mom told me has a great lunch buffet. The only reason I am going is because my mom will be coming back to the house to stay with the boys...so the whole thing shouldn't cost me anything (it better not, anyway);>

By the way, GA Girl, he does have a dog, a chocolate lab, but he still wasn't the reason for the disconnect. I guess he missed that "with pets" box on the living situation section, but he did mention it in his description, so I guess I'm guilty of not reading;#

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Nessa said...

Be wary...you know those charmers can make ANYthing sound like truth...I'm thinkin' about ya'!