Monday, September 12, 2005

Well, at least it's not too serious...

So, M was diagnosed with an ear infection in his left ear and an upper respiratory infection. He got an antibiotic to take twice a day for 10 days. J's diarrhea seems to have cleared up and was assumed to just be some kind of virus, like rotovirus, that just needs to run its course and could take 10-14 days to do so.

That was pretty good news to hear considering how worried my mom and I were.

But, then there was today. As I was getting the boys in the car this morning to take then to daycare and then get myself to work, I see that J's eyes are nearly fused together with a lovely green crust. So, what do we assume about green crusty in the eyes? eye.

So, I run by the animal hospital to let them know that I probably won't be in and that I'm heading to the clinic to see if he has pink eye. Well, he sure does have pink eye in both eyes, but that isn't all.

She listened to his lungs and thought they sounded terrible. She wanted an x-ray of his chest to rule out pnemonia...which it did, thankfully (just bronchitis). Oh, and he's now got infections in both of his ears.

I had to get the scripts filled without insurance since IFKAMH's coverage isn't verifiable until he's paid a few month's of union's dues. I better get reimbursed for that $102.50 like they promised him they would.

Here's hoping that J starts feeling better really soon 'cause he hasn't been feeling good for the past couple nights.

So far, the animal hospital has been understanding about all this, even though they do wish I could have an alternative caregiver. Why do employers even start this topic? Don't they understand that mothers want to be the one caring for their sick children?!? Even if I can, I don't like having anyone else take care of my kids while they're sick...that's my job, and I'm happy to have it;>


Danielle said...

aw hope lil J feels better woo.

Jim said...

Strong, girl! Keep your chin up.

Jomama said...

Those poor babies!! What happened? Is it the new environment? I hope they get better soon and that you don't catch anything.

Buffalo said...

Hmmm. You just hit on one of my biggest peeves as an employer. No matter how understanding I try to be, the bottom line is that I hire someone because I have a job that needs doing. I don't hire them because they need a job or because I'm a nice guy. If they are not there working then that job doesn't get done.

I realize feeling as I do is not PC in this day and age.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Oh, Buf, don't get me wrong. I was half-expecting to lose this job because of this since I've only been there for a couple of weeks, but my thing is why bring up the topic of alternate care...don't they trust me to come to work if I can? Someone asking if I have someone else and asking what schedule my mom works to see if I can come in for a couple hours doesn't magically make it possible. And even if it was possible, I could always pretend it isn't possible if I'm really trying to avoid working. I do need a job, and I don't get sick time, so if I can't work because my boys are sick, then I lose the pay just as much as they lose out on me being there to do the job...not to mention that I still have to pay for the days of daycare even though I won't be paid for the time I couldn't work because they couldn't go to daycare.

Buffalo said...

I know it is a very thorny problem and, quite frankly, I don't have a solution. Certainly no disrespect was meant toward you or any other parent.

I do know when I was running a fair size company, with mostly female employees, I was constantly short-handed. The married females irritated me the most as I thought their husbands should be sharing in the sick kid duty. Didn't work that way though.