Thursday, September 15, 2005

No more fantasizing about the HOT UPS guy...

I quit my job with the animal hospital yesterday no more sightings or interaction with their UPS guy:(

With all of the sickness I've been amongst with my boys, I was bound to end up with something myself, right? Well, I of Tuesday night, I was miserable, but I was still planning to go to work because I thought I could just get some rest that night and feel better in the morning. Nope. I woke up yesterday just as miserable, and the medicine I had taken the night before had done absolutely zilch to ease the soreness in my throat or the pain extending down the sides of my neck from my ears. I always assume that I've just caught a cold when I get these symptoms, so that is what I told the office manager (OM) when I spoke to her yesterday morning...she left a lasting impression on me that seriously made me rethink working at this hospital.

She implied to me that I may be lying about being sick...specific comment: "You sounded great when I talked to you yesterday." While I may have sounded fine on Tuesday morning when I spoke with her, I doubt that I sounded great. Even GA Girl can attest to the fact that I got worse as the day wore on since she realized I didn't sound quite well when I talked to her Tuesday afternoon. Next, OM tried to convince me to "come in and pull a few hours if it's just a cold"...I have big problems with this. I am of the philosophy that I try not to spread my contagious disease to others. So, she cares so little about the health of the rest of the staff, and the hospital's clients for that matter, that she suggests I come in anyway. She also tried the guilt trip of saying that everyone else was pulling extra hours to cover me. Last time I checked, I am considered to be in training for the first 30 days of employment and had been there for a whopping two weeks...why are you counting me as a full body that needs to be replaced if I'm not there?!? She then exaggerated by saying that I'd been out more than I'd been at work at this point; the fact is that I had been at work more than twice as many days as I was out. She then said that I would need to go to the doctor and bring back a note; I said that I understood.

I spent a lot of the morning contemplating if I really wanted to waste time at the free clinic (since I am not insured) instead of resting at home just to keep this job. I felt like I was being treated like her child instead of an adult. Considering she told me during my interview that they had been interviewing for a couple of weeks and then made a face that conveyed she was not in the least bit impressed with any of them and that no one else has been hired for this position since I've been there even though they are still hiring more receptionists and people have come in to apply, I think she should have chosen her words and checked her tone a little more carefully. I completely understand that I am new and they don't know if this is just a typical pattern for me, but if she remembered my application, I was with my previous company for over six years and was promoted three times in less than four years of that time and that the reason I left was to relocate closer to my should be obvious that I'm a loyal and valuable employee. I don't care that the timing of my children's and my illness didn't happen to be after my probation period, if you don't have a good reason to believe that I'm not too sick to be at work, then you shouldn't imply such.

When I called to let her know that I just didn't think that this was the right job for me, she simply said that she would have to call me back since the lobby was full of people. Fine. She took over an hour and a half to call me back, apparently because she had spoken with the owner of the hospital without even knowing the reason that I wanted to leave...not smart in my opinion. She thought that it was because I didn't think they were understanding about my children being sick; I made sure to straighten her out;>

I explained that I don't feel comfortable working in an environment that encourages employees with contagious diseases to come to work anyhow. I informed her that this type of behavior simply enables the spread of the disease. You will have better productivity, as research has shown, if you have one sick employee out for a day or two to come back to work at 100% while the rest of the staff is still capable of giving 100% during that day or two than to have that same sick employee come in and work at about 50% while spreading the illness to the rest of your staff who will then come in and only be able to give 50% as well. I would feel differently if the work environment was more like my prior one where I had my own desk, computer, phone, etc. I didn't encounter other's germs there and they didn't encounter mine, so I would come to work with a cold in that environment, but in this hospital where we share computers, phones, charts, and everything, not to mention the fact that I must touch things that are given to our clients, I simply don't feel comfortable with the ease at which my germs would spread and how accepting their hospital is of this. The fact that they do this may be why I'm sick, or at the very least would be a reason for it in the future. I explained that their philosophy of coming to work if it's "just a cold" would simply cause that cold to spread to everyone else there, including me, which would in turn cause my children to get sick, which would mean they wouldn't be able to go to daycare, which would cause me to be out of work. It's a vicious cycle.

I prefer to find an employer that doesn't mistrust my intentions simply because I'm a new employee and respects their staff as much as the client, and in this case the patient. This hospital requires any dog being kept in the hospital, even if just for the day, to have had a bordetella vaccine within the past 6 months...this is not the accepted recommendation, just theirs. They require this vaccine twice as often as it is actually recommended because they feel it is more effective at preventing the spread of "kennel cough". So, why don't you encourage your staff to take a day or two to help prevent the spread of disease amongst yourselves?!?

While I don't catch many things, I do catch colds very easily. And, I don't believe it's doing anything good for my immune system since as a child I never got sick and then sometime during high school, when more kids come to school sick since they would miss too much if they were out, I started getting a couple colds a year. Then, once I started working, the frequency of my colds slowly increased because employers would rather have the employee there with a highly contagious cold than to be out sick.

The OM said nothing that made me feel differently. She made a comment about my children being sick since I started working there...guess that depends on when they consider me to have started working there, but considering I began getting paid as of 8/26, it was a week before my boys were sick, and even then, my mom was the one that took care of them so that I could still go to was another week before I missed any time from work. She said that she thought I was being "overly sensitive" about her statements from our morning conversation and that she has a mortgage and can't afford to not come to work every time she has the sniffles. I am not exaggerating in the least about her statements. I said that is fine for her to live that way, but that is not the way I live and that any workplace that feels that way is not the right one for me. In my mind I was thinking...if you've just got the sniffles, then you've probably just got allergies and should come to work, but I tried not to be as rude to her as she was being to me. She had been somewhat rude to me at work a few times as well, and one of the other girls that works there told me that I should run as fast as I could away from the place because it was bad, and there was more than one mention about high turnover rates for the employees, so I guess it's not as big a loss for me as it will be for them since I doubt they'll be very successful in finding someone as easy to train as I am, but now I don't have a paycheck while I'm looking for another job...and no more HOT UPS guy:*(

Anyway, IFKAMH is supposed to add me to his insurance since we are still technically married at the moment...and I'm starting to think it's not "just a cold" afterall;>


Jomama said...

Good for you for standing up against that rude woman. Good luck in the new job search. I've got my fingers crossed for you :)

And get well soon, too!

Danielle said...

Right on!! What the hell was that Office Manager thinking!! what an idiot. your health and the boys health come first, you can always find something else you know?

GA girl said...

It doesn't sound like a cold to me either. If nothing else, it sounds like you have an ear infection too. You need an antibiotic. Go to the doctor. Humor me okay? The boys need you too much for you to get REALLY sick with something you could have easily cured in the beginning by taking a pill. Feel better.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I am going to the dr. this afternoon. I don't think it's an ear infection since the ear pain is gone, but I am thinking upper respiratory infection or bronchitis, which means I'll need the antibiotics:(

Eunice said...

You definitely made the right choice in walking away. They clearly have no regard for anything but the inconvenience it causes to be down a person for a day or two. Good luck in your new job search! :)

Michele in Michigan said...

Yeah. What THEY all said :)

I used to work for someone like that--it NEVER got any better. I think you would have found that to be true in YOUR situation, too.

No matter how efficient you were, or how easy-going, there would be NO pleasing this woman.

Hang in there. Feel better soon. Good things are coming your way.