Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I want him!

Eyes emailed me back last night. He would like to give me something to do around here;> So, even though he's about an hour to hour and a half away from me, he's willing to come to me.

I got more pics of him this morning...he's sexy, and I want him. If he's wearing blue when I see him in person, I may need to be pulled off of him;> I think he is going to be exactly what I need right now...someone that will have fun with me that isn't looking for anything long term.


Nessa said...

damn woman - seriously - that's him? HAVE. FUN!!!!!

Eunice said...

Way to go! make him come to you, that's awesome!! Glad to see that you're back on the market. :)

Have fun!

Danielle said...

omg he's hot.

Marit said...